A Step by Step Guide to Starting A Professional Football Career in Nigeria

You have read about the kind of money thrown at footballers these days and you are convinced pursuing a football career will be your best way to acquiring wealth. Now you are interested in finding out how you can kick start a career as a Pro-footballer here in Nigeria. Of course, that is why you are reading this article now. So let me take you through the four steps now:

Step 1:
First of all, you must do your homework thoroughly, you must think through it soberly. Passion and day dreaming to be like Neymar Junior and what you can do with €222million, isn't enough.

They say football is not a career,  it can take up your whole spirit, soul and body...and leave you empty and frustrated at the end.

Think of what you have to forego now to pursue a pro- football career. Maybe, you have to drop out of school. Think of what you may fall back to if your pursuit of a football career doesn't work out. Have you learn any trade or acquired any educational certificate to fall back on?

Think of it, is football truly your best option, when you rate it on your comparative advantage scale? Do you possess such outstanding football talent and skills that will enable you succeed at the highest level? Of course to answer these questions, you should have graduated from a football academy or currently playing for an amateur club and your coaches may have commended you.

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Step 2:
After doing your homework, make a plan. A plan keeps you grounded and helps you not to get distracted by several other wasteful designs. Decide weather to start-off your pro-football career in Nigeria or Abroad. My advice is, if you don't have funds (financial backing) to pursue your career abroad or you require further grooming to develop your true value, start from any of the Nigerian pro leagues.

In whatever you decide, you'll need someone to introduce you to a club. It is always better. For you to get the attention and interest of a Player's Agent or a Club's Scout to introduce you to a club is another ball game. Read this: How to Get the Right Agent for Your Football Career.

Well, you don' t need a Player's Agent to introduce you to a club in Nigeria. You just need to get the attention of the Club's Scout or someone connected to the club. In an extreme case, if you feel you are that skillful, you can take the bull by the horn and go for a club's recruitment screening all by yourself, you may get a chance to prove yourself.

Step 3: 
Develop your Marketing strategies and promo-tools to get attention and interest of Agents, Scouts and Clubs' management
If you do well playing in a Nigerian pro-club, you can be lucky to get a call-up to the national team and then your value could really scale up to get the attention of Agents and top flight clubs abroad.

Where you are not that lucky, you should plan to register and attend a scouting tournament or program where you can play in front of Agents and Scouts.

Importantly, you should work to produce a Promo-Video clips of your recent matches. Agents would want to see it before they can be interested to introduce you to a club. Club's management want to see it before they can invite you for trials.

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Step 4:
Get a Sport Marketing outfit to start promoting you or do it yourself. Upload your Profile(CV), Promo-video clips on Youtube, Dugout or Vine and start sending the links to Agents and Scouts you can contact.

Ask other pro-footballers you know to introduce you to their Agent or club scout. Check out contacts of some Nigerian licensed Agents you can reach one-on-one locally. Also make attempt to get interest other foreign Agents and Scouts.

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Be sure you have your International Passport, Football profile (CV) and other travel document ready in case of any opportunity suddenly shows up.

If you are sure you have what it takes (football talent and skills) wise...and if you follow the steps outlined here, you pro-football career will soon kick-off faster than you ever thought.

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