Qatar Mission: Sal-Ruff International Offer Nigerian Footballers Great Opportunity to Sign for A Pro-Club

It is easier for footballers to find employment Opportunities in Qatar than anywhere else around the world! Why do I say so? Qatar is the market place where big deals are concluded in international football today... and the opportunities in this middle East country are endless.

Already, many African players have followed this route and today, are playing in top flight clubs around the world.. Aspire Academy has been in the forefront of taking Nigerian players to Qatar, where they groom and later transfer the players to major teams in Europe and Asia.

Qatar, A Land of Opportunity
Qatar has reached a significant milestone in its socio-economic development. The country’s strategic roadmap, as outlined in the Qatar National Vision 2030, and its winning the right to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup  provide Qatar with a chance to make amazing progress towards its long-term goal - of becoming a Football Haven

Doha, will provide the perfect platform for the football industry to meet with the future stars. After 2018 Fifa world cup in Russia, all eyes will turn to Qatar for the 2022 edition of the most popular event in the world. Already stadium construction and reconstruction madness are up and running in Al Bayt, Al Rayyan, Al Wakrah, Khalifa International, Qatar Foundation, Lusail and Ras Abu Aband stadium.

Qatar is now very much attractive to football stakeholders around the world, with behive of related activities already going on and Top flight clubs, Agencies and Consultants doing all to establish their presence early enough in this oil rich country.

 Of course, we all know that the huge financial bihalal in football today, majorly comes from this part of the world.  Having significant stakes in PSG, Manchester City, Borussia Dotmuud... and big sponsorship deals from Eithad, Qatar Foundation, Qatar Airways, Doha Airways.. Indeed, this arab country is become the new international football marketplace.

Sal-Ruff's Mission to Qatar,  A Great Opportunity for Nigerian football Players
Sal-Ruff international offers opportunities to amateur and semi-professional players to join their new club in Qatar. Sal-Ruff FC is an Amateur club preparing elite players with a mission to transfer them to  clubd in Qatar Star League (QSL), top flight European, Asian and America leagues.

The players will be groomed by world class coaches in a world class training facilities in Qatar...and then expose to several Scouting tournamentts and trial programs, which will provide players the opportunity to exhibit their skills in front of several scouts and agents from around the world.

With the behive of football related activites in the country, Sal-Ruff believes Qatar is the best place for young and upcoming footballers; a better doorway to the international football market...and it is true.

Added Advantage: Availability of Jobs and Work Permit
Every player duely registered by Sal-Ruff Football Club will be legible to a WORK PERMIT. And Sal-Ruff international will begin processing immediately the player arrives Doha. That means a player could even take a part time job while still playing as an amateur player.

Jobs are available in Qatar especially in the area of construction, oil and gas, Grossary, hotels and restaurant management.... For instance, a person working a Gas attendant in a Filling station may earn between $2500 to $3500 a month; that' s a lot of money when converted to Nigerian Naira.

Sal- Ruff Legal Recognition and Network
Sal-Ruff International is duely registered by Corporate Affair Commission (CAC) in Nigeria and has the legal right to recruiting players and other personnel for travel oversea. Sal-Ruff has recently signed contract with the monarch of Qatar... and duely registered to operate as an Amateur club in Qatar. So no problem.

Sal-Ruff has also signed Memoradum of Understanding (MoU) with several Football agencies also situated in Qatar. So all is set for players comfort and progress.

Sal-Exclusive Marketing Right
Sal-Ruff has also agreed an exclusive marketing right to  GreenHunters Sports International, a Sport Marketing company in Lagos Nigeria. All inquiry regarding the players recruitment to Sal-Ruff FC and travel arrangement to Qatar. Call or WhatsApp: +234(0)8098772556 or email:

PS: Interested Amateur players should contact us. But note, recruited players shall pay for their travel documentations and flight ticket.

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