The Socio-Political and Economic Implications of Nigeria Qualification for Russia 2018 Fifa World Cup

The love of football is the root of all bonds and unity in Nigeria! When Super Eagles play, all warring factions simply sleathe their swords and come together to support as well as defend the national pride. What Gobade Adioo called "Football Patriotism."

I saw this comic relief, where a Boko Haram member, IPOB member, a Priest and an Imam were all gathered together in one viewing center watching the Nigeria Vs Zambia game on TV and cheering the Super Eagles to victory.  I think the illustrator was very creative and it is true... It's like the Onyeka Onenu hit song "one love, keep us together." that is how powerful football is become as a game and as a tool for national unity in Nigeria

Social and Political Implication:
For once, since the chronic agitations from several regional and groups in Nigeria, the people have found one reason to remain as an indivisible country. The Super Eagles have shown there is still a lot to cheer about Nigeria,  It seems that the country will do better if we stay together in unity, inspite of our diversity...the country will grow stronger with what every part can contribute.

The government should take advantage of the passion Super Eagles qualification for the World Cup has stirred up in the country to begin aggressive preaching of peace and unity in the land. They must invest in our national psyche with powerful re-orientation messages...using every friendly game the eagles will play during their preparation for the world cup, to disseminate and sell into the people's mindset.

Size of Nigeria Football Market
The implication is this, anything can now sell in Nigeria or sell to Nigerians in diaspora, as long as it has Super Eagles logo or images of the team’s key players branded on it. You can sell Super Eagles Pure Water, Jersey, Magazines, Super Eagles updates on TV or Super Eagles model on Corporate or product Adverts…

We’re talking about a country of over 170 million people and an estimated 80 million active football fans. A country the size of Nigeria and a football market as large and passionate should turn Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to a money making factory.

FIFA Pays Super Eagles for Qualification
Take for instance, FIFA  is going to Pay NFF about €1.3M (one point three Million euros), an equivalent to N420M (four hundred and twenty million Naira) just for Super Eagles qualification for the World Cup. So NFF should settle the issue of Bonuses and allowances with the players. They can take a clue from Brazil. For a player just to wear Brazil national team shirt at the World Cup year, he is going to get US$30, 000 every time he plays whether friendly or competitive matches.

Super Eagles’ Deal with Nike
It’s also time to review the country’s deal with Nike and see how Supportive the Sport Wear company could be financially or otherwise, in helping Super Eagles’ preparations and quest for a World cup glory. NFF should pre-empt Nike to have endorsement deals for some of our key players in the coming year.

Corporate Sponsorships and Support:
NFF should set up category rights for corporate sponsors and any organizations that intend to use Super Eagles’ trademark ™ for commercial purposes. I am also talking about exclusive corporate support for the Super Eagles’ quest for World cup glory for different product categories. You see football is a serious business and NFF Marketing department should stand up to its responsibility for the sake of maximization of commercial opportunities and efficiency.

FIFA sub-contract the world cup marketing to a private organization. I think NFF should do the same.

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