2018 Breakthrough Goal: How A Player Like You Can Sign For A Club Abroad - Within the Next 6 Months

Are you eager to sign for a club in 2018; maybe, a club in Europe, Asia or America?

If you are not that desperate yet, maybe this article isn't for you. But If you are desperately looking for a strategic way to achieve this goal within the next six months or so, then read on.

The year 2017 is coming to a close. I mean another year is coming to an end and nothing has happen for you. You have not found a club to sign you. If you still allow things to run by chance, you may find yourself still without a contract even by the end of 2018. Did I hear you say GOD Forbid?

 Obviously, your plan in 2017, if ever you had one, didn't work! And if you continue doing the same thing the same way, expecting different result, then you are operating the FIRST LAW OF MADDNESS!

One thing you should know is this; Agents don't have problem finding good football players. There are a lot of them around the world. For instance, we have over ten million young footballers in Nigeria, all seeking for a club abroad. The problem isn't good players, but finding clubs around the world that can sign these players. The competition of finding a club is too intense. It is like a Camel passing through the eye of a needle.

If you are complacent waiting for MOTHER LUCK to shine your way, then you may wait forever! This is reason we go the extra mile to show footballers where the opportunities lie at the moment... and also help them develop strategic tactics to take advantage of these opportunities.

Now listen to me....
If you want to sign for a club in 2018, pack your bag now and head to Qatar, whether you can afford it or not! Just find a way and travel out to this country. This is where lots of opportunities are waiting for footballers now. Let me explain it.

First, after 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, all attention will turn to Qatar for the 2022 edition. Preparations are already on with construction and renovations of stadiums, game villages, fan festival arenas.... So footballers can easily find a part time job while still playing for some amateur football club in Qatar.

Second, sponsors and investors in most top European clubs are from Qatar business tycoons and monarchs. So if they find a good player in town, they can easily introduce him to some of these clubs in Europe, Asia or America.

Moreover, a lot of these top European clubs have their youth training centers in Qatar. So there are lots of talent hunts and scouting programs going on in this middle-east country.

Third, the local professional clubs in Qatar are looking for lots of good players to strengthen their teams and possibly transfer them to any of these top flight clubs in Europe. These local clubs have some kind of affiliations with these clubs in Europe.

I know what you are thinking now...
How can you just pack your bag and land in Qatar? How will you go about finding a program or a club to absorb you immediately? You're right, it isn't that easy to travel all by yourself to Qatar without a guide or a program that will help you achieve your goal of signing for a professional team in the next six months.

Now here comes the good part...
Sal-Ruff International is recruiting players here in Lagos Nigeria that will go for a "Mission to Qatar." click here to read all about the Qatar Mission. 

I think this will be one of the greatest opportunity you may find in 2018. For one year or so, you will be in Qatar training and playing several scouting tournament... and possibly proceeding to club trials around the world.

But the part that makes this mission extremely rewarding, is that you will work part time and play part time. That means you can earn a lot of money in US Dollars working part time, while playing several scouting tournaments that will eventually open the door of opportunity to sign for a club. This is what I call a Great plan for Breakthrough in 2018! Make It Happen for You

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