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Alfred Moses Alemo – "Danger man" Amazing Striker! [Watch His Video Here]

It amazes me every time a player performs at a world cup and then suddenly attracts interests from top clubs in Europe. The player’s talent was always there, but nobody saw it and no club was ready to sign  a nobody like that,  until now, when he has become hot cake.
It happens every year and those who eventually fail to sign the player must learn a lesson from it. This is why I personally think the benefit of having neutral sources, such as Masterclass Talent Echibitiom (MTE) becomes a valuable asset for clubs both in West Africa and abroad.

We discover players' potential before anyone else saw it; before they show it to the rest of the world. If you want to have more information on any of the players we showcased at MTE contact us.

The same applies if you need help finding the next diamond (with specific attributes) from this West African region. We are here to assist you and to work with your club in this regard.

We provide information on some of the top youngsters in Nigeria; that can be big revelation in the under-17 or under-21 national teams. Every player on MTE list is someone we have Assessed and analyized their talent before and are monitoring their progress now!

What each player on our list share, is the ability to become footballers playing in the big leagues in the near future. GreenHunters Sports international, organizers of MTE, will only publish a short analysis of the player's skills and supporting video footage on this blog for clubs who are interested;  can ask for the extended version with scouting reports on individual players... get in touch with us through the contact form below on the blog.

Here, we recommend to you one of the finest striker on our list:

Alfred Moses Alemo
The18 years old. Nigerian young striker was a bright and sh:ining star at the 2017 Masterclass Talent Exhibition. We saw an incredible performance, he scored an average of two goals in every game he played during the exhibition and became the spectators delight, what you may call an instant crowd puller.

Alemo is a tall and pacy player, with two fast feets. That was the first impression I got when watching him for the first time at the exhibition. He terrorized defenders with his pace, running on incredible dribbles and manuovers with the ball on his stride. Not what many players can do! We could already see that he was going to make defenders suffers at the highest level in Europe. Think of Christiano Ronaldo's pace, put together with Nyemar Junior's dribbles, that's how you can best describe him.

Alemo can shoot so well with both feets and a wonder how he inter changes the ball from one feet to the other. That makes his leg over dribbles looking almost mysterious to defenders. There's no dull moment with Alemo calling for the ball and always wanting to do more even under intense pressure.
Watch Alemo's Video Footage

He is a very nice and down to earth kind of guy outside the field. He`s got ambition to play in the Laliga for FC Barcelona, but at the moment he is learning the trade at Great Olympic Academy in Lagos Nigeria.

In some way I feel his is an example to his teammates and knows how to carry people along with his jokes and prakes. A natual leader and a great team players. All eyes were always on him, because of the special skills he pocess; and handles popularity so well.

Everyone knew thatt Alemo is just waiting for opportunity, but he is handling it with calm patience., instead of moaning about playing time, Alemo work so hard in training, so willing to learn more, and see what any coach can add to his already sparkling game, especially in the area he needed to improve.
Watch Alemo's Interview and what the media is saying about him.

My Recommendation 
Pace and special skills are the combination one needs to become successful at the highest level; and Alemo has brought this to the fore and he is not respecting any defender on the pitch.

Calmness when finishing is something I see in his game, he still can improve though. Often he hits the ball with power, shoots well with both feet. but I would like him to adjust his power on the ball. In some areas it would be wiser to curl the ball into the top corner rather than going for pure honest power.

I am sure any good coach could easily correct that and make Alemo even more ruthless in front of goal. I recommend him for Nigeria U21 national team or maybe a head start at FCBarcelona teamB, his dream team.

Meanwhile, If your club is interested in inviting Alemo for negotiation or trials. Contact us. Telephone:+234(0)8098772556 or Use the Contact form below.

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