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How Benson Chukwueke Became A Global Football Personality Right from His Living Room [Digital Age]

Benson Chukwueke is the CEO of GreenHunters Sports International, but his daily work shift isn't a typical made-for-office thing. Most times, he sit in an armchair, legs curled up underneath him, and dressed in his pair of boxers and T-shirt just pressing his Smartphone.

Chatting with several people:
- an agent in Europe, discussing how to make trials for the players under his management;
- A young footballer in Congo DR,  central African region,  seeking for an opportunity to be discovered and to start a professional football career abroad;
- The principal of a secondary school in Jigawa, up-north Nigeria, consulting with him for their next inter sports competition.
More often than not,  his phone will ring and he is unto a video call on skype or WhatsApp, concluding business deals far China, while still in his living room.

Chukwueke isn't a typical football analyst who share breaking news or meticulously analyizing team chances in the leagues. But his tweets, facebook page and google plus shares are aimed at giving hope; inspiring and motivating his audiences as well as provide them opportunities and solutions. His positivity on the social media have been attracting to him a lot of daily followers.

For many on the street where he lives, he may be regarded a joblessman, being the one that drop off his three kids to school each morning and retire back to his apartment till evening, when he usually take a ride to the stadium. Only few times, when he's not travelling or organizing an event somewhere, that he will go to his office, which ironically is located at the former national stadium Surulere Lagos Nigeria.

"One of the things about the internet that I love the most is it prioritizes authenticity," Chukwueke told DBN TV. "It feels very comfortable and it look like you are just having fun chatting, but you are concluding millions of dollar deals, most top guys out there may not achieve, even while fully knot- up in the office.

The stakes is to make a difference, and you’re only doing things that are genuinely helping thousands of people out there find solution and opportunity to move forward and live a happier life."

Yeah, Chukwueke's quite thankful for the internet. Ten years ago, he started blogging about what he knew best, sport marketing with speciality on football.. Since then, he's blog, "CheerOnNigeria" have been rated "Top10 Most Valuable and Most Engaging Sports Blog in Africa,"  "Top 15 All Sports Blog in Nigeria...

The blog for him is a gateway to the world, to reach people and to bring needed solutions and opportunities to them; to reach related businesses for partnership and collaborations towards fulfilling his vision.

Chukwueke has acquianted himself credibly as an authority in his line of business. And his blog CheerOnNigeria has become a site where the global sports community visit regularly to find opportunities and solutions...from fans to sports scholars consulting with him for different purposes.

Through His solution based write ups on the blog, Chukwueke had attracted BBC UK on a proposed documentary project "Ajegunle, Where Stars Are Born and Made in Africa" He also worked to promote and facilitated Soccerex conference in Lagos Nigeria in 2013. He had assisted scholars from Colorado University USA and University of England during their research project on African football.

Based on his blog visitors request, Chukwueke has written several solution manuals: "How to Achieve Your Football Dreams;" "Define Your Style;" "The Next Job is Yours," "21st century Football Marketing in Nigeria..." H train and mentor upcoming youth on sport marketing and management as well as Football player's Intermediary lessons.

Chukwueke's company organizes one of the most popular football players scouting program in Africa. Masterclass Talent Exhibition Lagos Nigeria usually attract top class Scouts as well as Agents from around the world.

Due to his contributions in Sports both online and offline, Chukwueke has recently been coferred a Fellow Institute of Information Management (FIIM) and his influence keep expanding globally.

"Most of the world's most wealthy people do not set out to make money. They move to find solution to the needs and wants of millions of people out there and then, money follows them." Chukwueke said he's saddled with meeting the needs of over 100 million youths in Africa seeking upward mobility for their family through the pursuit of a successful professional football career and he believe that as he meet their needs and wants, he will soon become one of the wealthiest man on earth.

Chukwueke's GreenHunters Sports International is a disruptive enterprise, seeking to revolutionize (change) the way football business is done in Nigeria and the entire African touch lives, fulfill dreams and create a happier life for all; with the purpose of setting an upward mobility for the rather impoverished families in Africa and to positioning the football industry as a major contributor to the continuous economic growth in Nigeria.

And the internet as well as other related technologies has brought his vision to the fore and today, he is perhaps the most sought after sports personality both in Africa and globally.

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