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Victor Moses Celebrates One Million Followers on Twitter

Nigeria and Chelsea star, Victor Moses celebrates one million followers and he went on to tweet

Victor Moses (@VictorMoses) tweeted at 1:55 PM on Sat, Jan 27, 2018:
"Wow 1 million twitter followers! Thank you so much to all of you and to say thank you for the support I will be do..."

Victor Moses is the most followed football star on the social media:
1.5 million followers on facebook
3.3 million followers on Instagram
and now 1 million followers on twitter.

You want know the significance of having more followers on twitter. Well, it means more money! Having millions of followers on twitter and other social media makes Victor Moses more atttractive to advertisers. It means anytimeVictor tweets, one million people will see it. And if a tenth of his followers retweet his message then ten million people are likely to see it.

Victor Moses is a top star in Nigeria, most of his followers are football fans, who are eager to read his tweets real time. That means on CPM £1 cost per a thousand reach), every Victor Moses tweet is worth £1000 BPS (equivelant to NGN506,400).

It then means Victor's endorsement value has increased and his Transfer market value will also be affected, that's the reason he is celebrating.

That's the reason you should invest quality time in growing your followers; not only on twitter, but on other social media platforms.

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