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Football Sponsorship Service - At GreenHunters Sports International

GreenHunters Sports International is a Sport Marketing and Management company based in Lagos Nigeria
Our long expertise in the football sector can help your brand capitalize on two types of activation – Football Sponsorships and Brand Ambassadors.

Once we discuss your brand's objectives and evaluate the preferred sponsorship option based on your needs, we will get into negotiations with the rights holders not only on the sponsorship fees but also on the benefits your brand will obtain.

Our partnership services to your organization will not just stay up to contract obligations; our full service will include guidelines on the Partnership Strategic Plan based on your initial objectives. When – What activations need to be carried out and all progress related information will be reported on a monthly basis.

1. Sport sponsorship/partnerships proved to be a highly effective tool for global brands to promote their services and products.

With brands looking for more innovative ways to promote indirectly their services , we can help your organization to connect with Football right owners in the global market.

We, at GreenHunters, work closely with sport clubs and brands in order to build a strong relationship and a platform through which a brand can successfully promote its products and services within its target markets.

We will identify, evaluate potential partnership activations and propose tailor made sponsorship solutions based on your brand’s values, needs and characteristics.

2. Brand Ambassadors/ Endorsement: Integrated marketing draws brands to associate themselves with celebrities (football stars) in order to help them increase brand loyalty, build brand awareness, strengthen their relationship with their target audience and grow their network.

GreenHunters is associated with Football stars/icons who are great personalities, appeal to everyone and have the ability to deliver excellent results both on your online and offline promotional campaigns.

GreenHunters creatively works with both brand ambassadors, and brands to engage fans, the ultimate consumers, with the aim of maximizing the results of brand ambassador activation.

Whether you are looking for a year around brand ambassador activation or just a video commercial we can assist you with sourcing, planning and managing your partnership project based on your criteria needs and characteristics.

Get in touch with our specialized Football marketing and management professionals in order to create your unique story of glory and make your brand stand out, shine both locally and globally! 

Call or WhatsApp:+234(0)809 877 2556 Or Email:

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