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10 Tips On How to Prepare For The World Cup As A Fan In Nigeria - See Check List

The World Cup is upon us like a Virus

A football flu spreading everywhere

The very air we breathe now is all about it, 

And we cannot escape the fever - By Benson Chukwueke 

Are you going to Russia for the World Cup?
Well, you can be in Russia in two ways. First, to take a flight and arrive phyiscally on ground in any of the cities in Russia. Second, you can be in Nigeria or any part of the earth for that matter, and yet be in Russia on air.

Well, even if you are physically in a city like Moscow, you still need to be on air or online to cover all that is happening in Russia. The cities where the world cup matches will be hosted are far apart and will be very expensive to travel all around during the period. The fact is, you can be in Russia while physically here in Nigeria.

Indeed, if you're that kind of fan who doesn't want to miss any moment of the world cup proceedings, then you have to prepare very well! So go through the check list here and find out what you have in place already and maybe, the other things you need to put together for the maximum enjoyment of this year's world cup.

1. Get a good flat screen television set. Recommended screen between 32 inches to about 60 inches to create a real stadium atmostphere in your home. Remember, there isn't yet a regular electricity power supply in Nigeria. Therefore, you need a good Power Generator as well as put aside money for fueling and repairs.

2. Get an Affordable Decoder. I am not sure free-to-air TV stations would be allow to broadcast the matches live. If you cannot afford DStv or Kwese tv decoders, you can go for Gotv or Startimes. GOtv Max cost N3800 for monthly subscriptions. We already have SuperSports Fifa world cup select channel on GOtv.

Perhaps, Startimes may be more affordable. StarTimes has advertised that with just N1,300 subscription, you can watch all the 64 matches of the world cup live.

3. Get an affordable internet Router if your tv is internet enabled and you need a WiFi to connect online as well as wireless unifications (plugin) other devices with your tv. You may need two screen or more to become omnipresent in Russia.

Of course, you may want to participate in fans real time chattings on Twitter or WhatsApp, so you must get your gadgets ready.

4. Get an Affordable Device. If iphone or iPad iOS is expensive for you, then there are affordable Android Phones and Tabs. A 4G device is recommended for fast live streaming and limitess data downloads from online. You may need to monitor your betting and fantasy football lederboards, then switch from match venue to another with your device.

5. Download FIFA Apps to get real time updates on match fixtures, result, table standings and much more on official pronuncements from the horses mouth. If you Activate the notifications on the FIFA App, then you will be first to know all proceedings during the world cup.

6. Download Twitter App and register an account. Then hashtag #RuRussia2018worldcup or #SuperEaglesofNigeria to follow trends and find posting that has gone viral with such hashtags.

Over 500 million fans accross the world will be live on twitter during games, using special hashtags. Findout which hashtags are well populated during any match you are interested in.

7. Join Super Eagles Fans Group on WhatsApp. It is really trending and busy 24/7. So you get involved in the live Chat on Super Eagles Match day. Pre-match, during match and Post-match wagging. Also get insiders information...what is going on real time in the Super Eagles camp.

Click Here to Join, if you already have a WhatApp Account

8. Buy Super Eagles jersey and wear it. Be a real fan on match day! You can buy Original from official Nike shop on Victoria Island or former National stadium Surulere Lagos. National stadium Abuja... Price is N4,000.

Well, you can buy an Affordable replica in most of the open markets in Nigeria; especially at Oluwole Jersey market Lagos; from N2,500 or less.

9. Football is better watched with friends and fellow fans. You may decide to go to any of the big screen center provided by Coca cola/LG. Otherwise, find out a sports bar or a viewing center in your locality where you can go and watch the mayches

Warning: such gathering maybe dangerous in the northern part of Nigeria, Bornu, Yobe, Adamawa, Abuja... because of series of bombing incidence in public gatherings in those area.

10. Open a betting or Fantasy football account if you want to be rewarded for your football passion and knowledge. Monitor your betting and lederboard during match time. At the end your predictions or selections of player may pay off.

Check List Below
1. TV and Generator
2. Get An Affordable Decoder (GOtv, StarTimes)
3. Internet Router on your TV
4. Get a good Android or IOS Device and Data providers
5. Download Fifa App (fixtures, Highlights and Results)
6. Join Twitter Hatchtag
7  Join Super Eagles Fans Group on WhatsApp
8. Buy Super Eagles Jersey~
10. Enjoy with friends in A Viewing Center
10. Open A Betting or Fantasy Football Account

Warning: Please, Control Your Emotion
Watch Your Blood Pressure Closely (medication)
And don't watch a live Match
With A High Blood Pressure

To Avoid A Heart Attack

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