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The African Players' Tribune: What Intriguing Storytelling Can Teach The Coming Generations

Today Mohamed Salah is winning almost every award and it's become almost dim to the fans what Samuel O'Eto did few years ago... not many will clearly remember again the highly celebrated Chelsea goal poacher Didier Drogba, Rashidi Yekini of Vitoria Setuba or the almost magical football artistry of Austin Okocha in Fenebrache and Abedi Pele-Ayew in Marseille.

Veterans like Roger Milla, Raba Maja, Segun Odegbami, now belong in the recesses of the past generation. Unfortunately, African players escapades are not recorded in the history books. Perhaps, in the hall of fame and that's what the African Players Tribune is set out to achieve.

The African players' Tribune will not be another Wikimedia or Wikipedia that just highlights the achievements of these legends, but will dig into inspiring stories behind their success... of their upbring, how they broke out to limelight and their personal convictions and motivations...

Benson Chukwueke, CEO GreenHunters Sports International and publishers of CheerOnNigeria bkog is optimistic that his media platform and their storytelling revolution will give The African Players' Tribune an irresistible touch.

Imagine what the story of George Opong Weah can teach the coming generation. A man from a non-fancied footballing country in Africa, went on to win the World's football player of year award 1995 Several years after, he became the first footballer ever to be elected as president of his country Liberia.

What about Roger Milla that came out of retirement at 45years to put up an incredible performance in FIFA world cup 1982... What does that tell the generation today about the make up of an Africa man.

The African Football Tribune will capture these stories just the way you will like it.

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