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2018 FIFA World Cup Guide: Nigeria's Group Stage Match Schedule, Stats, Expert Analysis and Predictions

We thought to give Nigerian fans this guide, so they can bookmark or save it offline. You can always look at it to keep in touch with the next match schedule and of course, look at the stats and expert analysis of each match.

Of course, the analysis here are arguable. They are only predictions, and opinion of some pundits. You deserve the right to hold on to your own opinion as you read what is said below

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1st Match
- Saturday June 16,
Nigeria Vs Croatia
Time: 8:00pm GMT+ (Nigeria Time)
Win Probability: Croatia - 57%  to Nigeria 17%
Draw Probability: 26%
Game Theory: (Best of the worst) It is better for Nigeria to fight for draw in this game. To stop croatia potent midfield play and attack, Nigeria should organize their defensive play and put more men and ball winners both in the defense and defensive midfield line.
Nigeria should plan fast break with speed counter-attack to win this match by a slim 1- 0 or 2 - 1 scoreline.

Best Formation: 4-3-2-1 (crowd the midfield and defense line)

2nd Match 
- Friday June 22
Nigeria Vs Iceland
Time: 4:00pm GMT+ (Nigeria Time)
Win Probability: Nigeria 35% to Iceland 34%
Draw Probability: 31%
Game Theory: (Best of Best) the probability for this match is too close and can go either way...with high probability for a draw. Therefore, Nigeria must put all their attacking prowess to bear and hit the ground running from the first blast of the whistle. The match will be determined by which team can out score the other.

Iceland also a high attacking skilled team may want to put their best shot and chance for qualification in this match.

Nigeria should play more cut in drive with Victor Moses and Alex Iwobi from both flank to support Odion Ighalo or Slimy Nwankwo as point man, then pray for mother luck to be on their side on this match day. This is match that will determine if Nigeria will progress to the next round or not.

Best Formation: 3-4-3 or 3-2-3-2 (Crowd the midfield and attack more support)

3rd Match
- Tuesday June 26
Nigeria Vs Argentina
Time: 7:00pm GMT+ (Nigeria Time)
Win Probability: Argentina 54% to Nigeria 24%
Draw Probability:21%
Game Theory: (Better than Worst) Results of the previous two matches will greatly determine the approach for this match. If Argentina win their first two games then Nigeria can fight for a draw or win in this match to determine their progress. But of course, if Nigeria need only a draw to progress, then they may not throw caution to the wind.

It is near impossible for Nigeria to win this game if Messi and other Argentine stars come to the party. But if what Nigeria need is a win or just playing for pride, then they can throw caution to the wind and showcase their best abilities of great mobility and speed as well as their attacking prowess.

Best Formation: 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2

Conclusion: Nigeria is guaranteed 3 matches in the mundial. But looking carefully at the stats and the analysis, Nigeria may find it too difficult to survive this Group D to the round of 16, but football is not mathematics and many a time match outcome rubbish statistical data as well as pundits analysis and predictions.

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