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10 EU Countries A Footballer Can Easily Get Entry-Visa

Yes, I understand... Or who wouldn't want to play professional football in the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy or anywhere in Europe? But you must be aware of the eligibility policies of some of these countries towards Nigerian footballers

Receiving an invitation letter from a club in countries like UK, Germany, Netherlands doesn't ensure their embassy will issue you visa from here in Nigeria. Sometime you may not understand the reasons behind the refusal, but it is difficult to secure sports or visitors visa from most EU countries.

Immigration records shows that 7 out of every 10 Nigerian players that fail trial test with football clubs in Europe, deflects and lots of them get stranded after their agent disappear and abandoned them. Therefore, making these young lads a secruity risk to the country. The reason most EU countries are more cautious with Nigerian footballers.

Documents Required for Visa Application
In planning to go for a football trial or to secure a club in Europe, you should consider countries that have a more relax immigration polices for footballers and other sports persons from Nigeria. This is where you can easily move to, so you should plan to start-off your career in these more friendly  EU countries.

Apart from the invitation letter you received from a club in Europe, you need some other documents to support your application for visa:
1. Your International Passport and Medical vaccination (Yellow card)
2. NFF Introduction Letter
3. Local club or Academy release letter
4. Your Identity card with the localletter
5. Letter of Sponsorship
6. Bank statement of Sponsor, (showing enough money to sponsor the players trip).
6. Any other document to support your intention to return to Nigeria if you didn't succeed in the club's trial test.

With an authentic (genuine and recognized ) invitation letter filed with these other documents listed above, you can easily obtain entry Visa  from these countries:
1. Austria
2. Belgium
3. Cyprus
4.  Hungary
5. Malta
6. Moldova
7. Latvia
8. Portugal
9. Spain
10. Sweden

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