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How to Register As A Football Player's Intermediary in Nigeria [A Step By Step Guide]

I guess your simple query on the search engine landed you on this blog. If you make the same inquiry at Nigeria Football Federation  (NFF) office Abuja, you will get first-hand information on how to register as football player's Intermediary. But now that you are here, I can as well tell you all that it requires.

It isn't like the days of Agent licensing where an applicant will have to write Examination, pay licensing fee of N700,000; drop a deposit of a million naira and a police clearance report....

It is pretty easy now....There's no examination required anymore!

I met a young man, Frank Afolabi, who just registered two week ago and his name is already uploaded on NFF website.

All he needed do was to: 

  • - write an application letter, 
  • - provide a police clearance report , 
  • - data page of his International Passport
  • - payment of registration fee of N300,000 (Three hundred thousand Naira only) 
  • - and submit in NFF Glass house Abuja.

 Then a permit was issued to him and his name uploaded on the list of player's Intermediaries registered with NFF. That's it, he is now legally a Player's Intermediary. No Examination! No Interview of any sort! Is that simple.

Well, it is one thing to get registered as an intermediary, it is another to acquire the cognate knowledge and skills to operate successfully. 

The question usually is:
Is it better to Register first or to get trained?

Get it right, both to register and to get trained are important!

If you register but do not have cognate knowledge and skills, you will struggle in the profession and may end up not able to deliver satisfying job to your clients (players).

If you have cognate knowledge and skills without registration, then you cannot operate legalky or you could be arrested as a fraudster or quack.

If you ask me, I will say get trained, understand the rudiments of the profession first, then go register with NFF when you are ready to start off on your own.

  • First, you must fully understand the regulations guiding the player and the intermediary relationship.
  • Understand player (Talent) management Indepth knowledge of sport Marketing and Management
  • Tranfer market regulations as it relates to your country and other countries
  • How to negotiate with clubs as well as understand contract clauses and stipulations.
  • How to negotiate with corporate brands and seal endorsement deals for client (Player).

In case you are wondering how to go about it, how you can get educated or where to enroll for Player's Intermediary (Agent) Course... I will tell you:

Football Player's intermediary (Agency) course are not taught in regular schools in Nigeria. But you can do an online course with Sports Management World Wide (SMWW). That will cost you about $1800 USD as well as installing a fast broadband internet connections for live webinars. No problem, you will get a certificate from the company at the end of the course.

Well, nobody will really ask if you are a certified player's intermediary, the certificate doesn't matter much; since what matters is your registration with NFF.

So if what you really need is to acquire indepth knowledge and cognate skills that will enable you to excel in the profession, then we can help with affordable price. Call or WhatsApp: +234(0)809 877 2556 or Email:

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