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What Is Marketing Hype? Why Is It Essential forYour Football Career?

Do you like Marketing hype?

Most people will be offended when you ask them whether they like hype… and say, “No! Why would you even ask me something like that?” I don't like"Cheap Publicity!"

For me, I do like hype. I love it and I can’t get enough of it. And you’ll probably nod yes, if you’ve followed me for any amount of time.

You see, hype was what got me into sport marketing years ago. It completely changed my life, brought my dreams and vision to reality; and put a lot of money in my account. Today, I am known all over the world and my influence is far reaching to the uttermost part of the earth. Sometimes I wonder how I could have achieved all these without hypes on the internet.

But let us understand it, What is Marketing Hype?
Marketing Hype is to promote or publicize a product, a person or idea (vision) intensively,  often a little exaggerating of the importance or get the target audiences interest and desire to go for it.

Marketing Hype is extravagant or intensive publicity or promotion carried out for the sake of getting the attention, interest, desire and action of some target audiences.

The football industry breathes and survives through marketing hype.  Often exaggerating the importance of games, stats and comments. For instance, creating an elusive rivalry between some stars: Cristano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi, just to hold attention and keep the consumers (fans) excited, railing for more.

Sports marketers hype stars, games, teams or stadium to keep them relevant and in the mind of sports fans, corporate brands and other clubs.

So brother, you need some Marketing hypes yourself!
A footballer that doesn't hype his skills may never get the right attention and interest of clubs, scouts or agents, he may never get invitations for trials. So if you haven't had the opportunity to participate  in top class tournaments where you play in front of agents,scouts and the media, then you need to craft your own hype and publish or broadcast it on the right media.

Before I go on, let me show you what I mean. We crafted this hype called Scouting Report for Chika Clifford Johnson, which attracted several trial invitation letters for him in Germany, Belgium, Moldova, China... Click and read it:

A Little Marketing Hype that Make Great Impact in Your Football Career. You too can hype your skills, that's the service we are offering you here.
- We will help you craft an irresistible scouting report, with high points of your skills, stats and achievements.
- Then, publish on CheerOnNigeria blog, where lots of club's management, Scouts and Agents visit to read it and likely to contact you.
- Send it to specific scouts, agents and clubs in our network. We will also recommend the report to several sports journalists across the world.

Indeed, It is a "cheap publicity." For just $250 USD you get all these done! The benefits are just too numerous.
1. A clubs coach can read the Report and invite you for trials
2. Your national team coach can read it  and call you up for national assignment.
3. The publication will remain online and keep promoting you 24 hourshourseveryday, as long as CheerOnNigeria blog remain in existence.

How it works
- If you are in Nigeria, we will like to invite you for talent Assessment, so we can see you play first hand.
-  but if you are outside Nigeria, we will need you to send your video clips, let us watch and make our own assessment and decide how to craft your scouting report.

If you're interested WhatsApp or Call: +234(0)809 877 2556 or Email: and in few days your scouting report will be published and the hyping brgin.

In this article we covered:
What is Marketing Hype?
What are the Benefits of marketing hype for your Football Career?
How to Create an Irresistible Marketing Hype?

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