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The School Where You Can Enroll for Player's Intermediary (Agent) Course In Nigeria?

[FAQ] Which School Offers Player's Intermediary Course In Nigeria, I Want to Enroll?

Hello friends, I guess so many of you guys are interested in pursuing a career in sports that's the reason you have been making inquiry on this same subject. Which school or organization offers Player's intermediary (Agent) course in Nigeria?

A very relevant course today, but I am not sure it is offered at the National Institute for Sports (NIS). You can do well to make inquiry at NIS, former National Stadium Surulere Lagos (

But Football Player's intermediary course is not offered by any university or polytechnic in Nigeria.  I have taken it upon myself to send proposals to Lagos State University (LASU), University of Nigeria Nsukka, Federal Polytechnic Nekede and all these schools waved it aside.

Lagos State University faculty of Phyiscal Education and Social Sciences ask me to find a Professor in Sport Marketing and Management who can pioneer the course and get an accreditation for it. Well, I haven't come across any person in Nigeria with that level of qualification in sports.

I only have a Post Graduate Diploma certificate in Sport Marketing and Management from Colorado University, after my online course with Sports Management World Wide (SMWW), so I couldn't pilot the course in any of these schools.

But I have tried to contact some of my lecturers: William A. Sutton, an Associate Professor in Sports Management at the University of Massachusetts. Stephen Hardy, PhD, a Professor of Sports marketing management at the University of New Hampshire; a Fellow of the American Academy of Kinesiology and Phyiscal Education. I am hoping one of them would agree to my proposal to start these courses over here.

Player's Intermediary course is just a sub-division of Sport Marketing and management... A course that doesn't take more than a semester to complete. So it could run as a diploma or certificate course in any of these schools.

Meanwhile, no school is offering the course in Nigeria yet. So your best option is Online.

Yes, you can do an online course with Sports Management World Wide ( That will cost you about $1800 USD as well as installing a fast broadband internet connections for live webinars. No problem, you will get a certificate from the company at the end of the course.

Well, nobody will really ask if you are a certified player's intermediary, the certificate doesn't matter much; since what matters is your registration with NFF.

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