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FIAN Make Move To Stop Non-Registered and Fraudulent Player’s Intermedaries In Nigeria

Football Intermediaries Association of Nigeria  (FIAN) are taking several steps to make their work easier and as well as stop quacks from dragging the profession into  the muds.

In August 2018 they held  a very important meeting with  Minister of Foreign Affair at the headquarters of the Ministry in Abuja, where the minister gave the body his words, and promised to be of help as long as issues are still within his reach.

Top on the menu of the meeting were issues bothering on menace of football players trafficking, identifying bonafide members of Football Intermediaries Association of Nigeria, recommendation of FIAN members to embassies within and outside Nigeria and securing VISA for foreign partners seeking to visit Nigeria as contained in the letter presented to the minister

FIAN further explained that the major reason for requesting to see the Minister is based on the fact that the body is into facilitating transfer of exceptional talents outside the country to pursue their football career, while noting that some dubious individuals are continuously exploiting players in the name of getting them lucrative deals abroad.

A case of about ten Nigerians trapped in Cape Verde was brought to the front burner, a fraudulent individual who claimed to be a football agent after collecting millions of Naira, abandoned the players in Cape Verde and absconded.
Now FIAN has made a move further to National Agency For Prohibition Of Trafficking In Persons (NAPTIP) to see to issues bothering on players trafficking, while also noting that Introduction and identification of FIAN should be an arranged with Agency

A database for the Intermediaries would also be worked upon in earnest, while the body promised to monitor the activities of members as well as movements of players through the proposed relationship with Ministries, Consulates and Embassies.

FIAN believes NAPTIP has the capacity to prosecute and perpetrators would be brought to book should the Agency assist in bringing these fraudulent elements to court.

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