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Get the Best Long-Holidays Value for Your Kids

It is yet another long vacation this season...rainy in Nigeria, but summer in some countries abroad. Children (nursery, primary and secondary schools) have come to the end of yet another school section. Most lovers of games, fun and tourism, often called "Holiday Makers," are now on the rush to savor the great opportunity.

Like this: 2019 Free Kick: Kiddies Holiday Football Training Camp, Lagos Nigeria - This August Break

This period kids are usually in high spirit and ready to explore new adventures, making the most use of this cherished time of the year.

They no longer have to wake up as early as 5am to get ready for school. Those who don't have home teachers need not worry about brainstorming and writing their home work. The usual "Go to bed, remember you have to go to school tomorrow." phrases  from Mummies  have now been relaxed for a while.

Some cannot wait to glue their eyes to the television screen and their devices to play video games, watching cartoons, all sort of movies and social media rotting, especially when both parents are away to work or business. But then, they are bound to get bored with sitting at home doing almost the same activities for 82 days or more. And that could be dangerous as they say, "An Idle mind is the devil's workshop."

Often, working class parents who couldn't get approval for their annual leave, feel they have no choice but to send their kids "back to school"...enroll them into summer classes, for another round of academic work. It's not fair on your kids! It is holiday for crying out loud! Your kids need to wine down, learn new things like sports, music and dance, creative arts or technology in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. So they can get reinvigorated for the next school section by September.

People who would travel abroad have started packing their things together in preparation for their trip. Variety is the spice of live, vocational schools, sports academies, religious bodies, charity foundations and kiddies fun businesses, please prepare to spicy up the kids lives by creating avenues for them to have lots of fun this long-vacation.

So parents should try as much as possible to create time and opportunities  for your kids to loosen up, to catch fun.

Places to Catch Fun
There are several fun spots where kids in Lagos can loosen up, get all the excitement they really need. Places like Sliverbird Galleria at most Shoprite locations in  Lekki, Ikeja, Surulere, Festac town... Here, all the family are treated to several movies and dessert in the Cinema. As part of the package they get large bowl of popcorn for every ticket bought. Other fun places: Ndubusi Kalu Park Ala-hausa Ikeja, Funtopia, Disneyland Muson centre Onikan. Amusement Park Apapa...

Holiday Camp
I think this is the best time for religious groups or Charity foundations to build up children. I remember the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) organise holiday camp that last for a month or so. During my days as a kid, we were taught morals and faith in such unforgettable ways. It was in several YMCA holiday camps I attended that I learn how to play several musical instruments: Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, Saxophone...

I also learn first hand on how to play several games we were not privilege to play in my neighborhood: Golf, volleyball, badminton, basketball,  Crickets, Rugby, Freesbee... and of course, Soccer.

Sports Holiday Training Camps/ Programs
I am an advocate of sports holiday training camps or programs. These days of private school system, most schools do not have a robust extra-curriculum sports activities. They hardly have enough space for playground (game courts and pitches) for their pupils.

Moreover, the changing culture tend to move children's interest towards esports and video games. Where the kids sit in one place with their devices, without exercising their body.

As we all know, sports and exercise are essential for the human healthy living. As your kids practice how to play in Sports such as basketball, swimming, track and field, soccer...they get stronger and healthier. Visit any of the stadium, R6ow Park, Campus square or your neighborhood playground, there you will find several sports activities going on.

Corporate bodies like Nestle Milo organise basketball clinic for a week or two during the long vacation at the Former National Stadium Surulere Lagos.

Tara-culture organize aerobics, dance- drama and theatricals for two to three weeks  at Muson center Onikan, Lagos Island.

There are several soccer training programs around Lagos: Pepsi organise one at Agege Stadium, Chivita organise one at Digital Bridge Institute Oshodi... Cowbell also organize one at the mainbowl former national Stadium Surulere.

But I recommend your kids attend Free Kick Kiddies Holiday Football Training camp. Organize by us GreenHunters Sports International at Legacy Pitch former national stadium Surulere...for 6 to 12 years olds only, no gender discrimination.  It is fun packed and more affordable.

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I think it is time you start making serious plan for your kids as the long vacation draw closer. Call or WhatsApp: +234(0)809 877 2556.

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