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What Kind of Player Is Alex Iwobi?

Alex Iwobi, the Nigeria international, is created and manufactured in Arsenal factory. He joined the Gunners as a schoolboy, at the age of eleven, and everything he knows about football till date were inbuilt from the perspective and philosophy of the Arsenal manufacturers.

Although, Iwobi has talked a lot about his uncle Austin Jayjay Okocha and the ex-international Nwankwo Kanu as those that greatly guided his development as a footballer; especially influencing him to opt for Nigeria instead of England.

Iwobi also said the Spaniard Jack Wilshere, who joined West Ham after an injury-hit decade with the Gunners, was someone he looked up to during his time in the academy ranks.

Arteta, who is now a coach under Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, had previously trained with the Gunners' under-21s after injury and helped to guide the now-23-year-old Iwobi.

Alex Iwobi's Style of Play
Iwobi is a well breed player, has good ball control and uses both feet very well. Arsenal manager Unai Emery play him from the sides (left or right wing) to support the striker, but many has argued that Alex is better in the middle as a support striker or playmaker.

He passes the ball so well...make a lot of through and diagonal passes as well as shoot very well. Iwobi mark the ball fairly well and has appreciable pace, but perhaps, by natural make up score low in endurance stamina, may feeble out after covering a lot of distance in the middle of the pack.

The 23-year-old Iwobi was so impressive last season,  played 51 times for Unai Emery’s side and svored 7 times with 16 assists - his most productive campaign.

Boosted by regular starts, Arsenal’s emerging midfielder is now a great bargain in Football Index (football stock market), explains The Scout Duncan.

Alex Iwobi, the Next Nigerian Superstar
So Iwobi isn't a typical Nigerian player that usually evolves from downtown ghetto streets like Odion Ighalo, strong, rugged and unbreakable... Iwobi is an English boy, UK breed kind of player, techincally sound and full of game intelligence, but cannot march the strength, pushs and hard knocks of African football.

But as John Mikel Obi, now in the twilight of his career, gradually fade away as the main superstar and playmaker of the Super Eagles team for nearly a decade, the baton may have been suddenly passed to Alex Iwobi in the transition of the 2019 African Cup of Nation.

In the scourging heat and almost suffocating thick air blowing down from the Sahara desert into Alexandria Egypt (something he hasn't experienced before), and heavily built wrestlers-kind of men, who play football more like rugby, here Iwobi is called to takeover the baton as the new Superstar and playmaker of this West African side.

Yeah, after two games where their adorable captain, JohnMikel Obi struggled greatly to keep pace with the proceedings, it was crystal clear to all that he cannot continue (any longer) to lead this generation of players to the next level. So, all eyes are now on Alex Iwobi, the next Superstar!

Amiable Iwobi, always like to laugh and joke around, may not be poised for a leadership role in the Nigeria national team, where players go on strike and exchange rough words with NFF officials just to get their bonuses and other remunerations paid. He is young and still growing in the game, he may not be able to carry the team on his shoulders, at least not yet.

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