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Football Dreams, Showing Now on DStv and GOtv. - A Must Watch for Footballers and Fans!

Football Dreams - Recommended for Anyone Pursuring Football Career 

A novela series, Football Dreams (La Seleccion) is showing now on Eva+ channel on DStv and Gotv. A very enlightening and entertaining football series that will teach you a lot on the intricacies of pursuing a football career and breaking into top flight football in Europe and across the world.

Football Dreams have been on since February 2020, the film that first premiered on August 2018 is getting so much attention in Nigeria now.

The series is a tour around the entrance into world of football and the
hectic lives of four players from the Colombian National Football Team. The
players are Carlos Valderrama, Freddy Rincón, René Higuita and Faustino

 According to EVA, it is  a production with a fictional touch
that recreates true facts, sacrifices, disappointments, happy moments and
experiences lived both in and outside the football field, which are unknown by

The film touches on  all aspects of football career. The training development and the struggle to play professional football - What it takes to become outstanding and to fit into a new team. Player's management and how the mafia agents try to manipulate rising stars. How the clandestine agents use footballers for matchfixing and contract operations

How the press make or mar players reputations. How the mafias and football lords use the media to discredit players that refuse to play by their rules.

The part managers play to build team spirit, raise a winning team and protect the team players from becoming preys to football hawks.

It shows rare side of football spiritual, how spiritual forces in and around can affect a players progress. How players go ahead to obtain spiritual support for their football career.

The film also showcase how family and personal relationships affects the life of a footballer. How family members and friends can act as motivations for a player. How relationship problems can distract and affect a player's performances.

How youngsters chasing football career are disregarded by society, and the part they follow to achieve their dreams, to become. some of the most successful and famous personalities on earth.

Then, you learn how to deal with several crisis: - crisis with club or team manager, crisis with the press when scandals arises. A lot more to learn from this series that is fictional, but true story of one of Columbian football golden era.

Football Dreams is shown on Eva+ channel DStv and GOtv every Monday to Friday. And the catch-up edition is aired during the weekend, on Saturday and Sunday 


  1. Good movie. I have watched some episode but I stopped. I really need to start watching again. Thanks

  2. What time on Monday - Friday does it show now on DSTV?