I Believe in Miracle! I believe in Super Eagles!

I believe in miracle and I know many Nigerians do. We have seen miracles many times before in our football. God suddenly shows up when we have lost all hopes in our national team. I recall “Daman Miracle” at the world youth championship in Saudi Arabia 1992. Then, “Atlanta Miracle” at the Olympic games inUSA 1996.

Come to think of it, even our qualification for 2010 world cup was to me another miracle. Who would have believed that Mozambique would defeat Tunisia at the very last game. Against all hope, we believed and our faith paid off. Mozambique defeated Tunisia for us and Super Eagles got the ticket to South Africa.

May be, we are actually the “Isreal” of world Football. God knows the passion of the sport inNigeria, so He shows up from time to time to save lives and put smile on our faces. He would divide the “Red Sea” for us,He would see us through the “wilderness of our football.”

It is time to believe again. I was dumb founded by the faith of Sani Lulu, the chairman of NFF, when I read his commentaries in complete Sports newspapers of Saturday, May22, 2010. I have never seen a man with such a great faith. The man have to believe against all odds. He knows the situation on ground. It is his administration that made it so.

He knows that Nigeria has the weakest team or rather, let me put it this way, We are presenting the weakest Super Eagles team ever to the world cup.

  • Our preparations is one of the worst in world cup history.
  • We have a new coach who have not competed with the players he is taking to the world cup. He does not known them or how they really play. He is just toasting around names of players.
Yet, Sanni Lulu just have to believe!

Before now, I have decided on how am going to follow the world cup with “half heart.” Half of my heart will go out for Super Eagles support because you know, I am a patrotic Nigeria. But yet, I need to still be alife after the world cup, so it is dangerous to support Super Eagles with my whole heart. I don’t want to suffer a heart attack!

I decided I will support Brazil also with the other half of my heart as a source of relief when things get so bad for the Super Eagles. I think is a good defence mechanism. But how I long to savour again the joy of Atlanta 96 Olympics game between Nigeria and Brazil. How I wish it could just happen again in South Africa, 2010 world cup. The time has come and I believe.

COMMENT: Do you think it is fair to the countries who has prepared for so long, If Super Eagles of Nigeria wins the world cup. Please, comment

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