Lagerback Has the Rod of Moses in His Hands and He Could Divide the Red Sea at the World Cup

Finally, Lagerback has selected his 23 players’ squad that will campaign in South Africa for the World cup title. The face of the team did not really change apart from few additions, Rabiu Afolabi, Haruna Lukmon, and John Utaka. The rest of the players where part of the Angola Nations Cup squad. Though, he dropped Yusuf Mohammed, Obinna Nwaneri and did not call up…

Well, this goes to show that the Angolan squad is the best players we have for now. We cannot give what we do not have. What we have today is a set of average players who may not be able to stand the test of the time. 

Perhaps, this is the situation God requires to work a miracle. We have never felt so powerless like the way we feel now.  More than ever before, it has done on us that we really need a miracle to survive even the first round games.

Let us X-ray the teams In-Group B to find out how “The Miracle of Journneburg.” may likely happen. The current Argentina team is light years ahead of the Super Eagles in every ramification.

The Greece team is technical and play as a very strong team unit; the Korean squad will surely run you down. We need an extra stamina to keep up with the pace. So, what are we going to do?

Let us go technical now. Our weaker opponent among the three teams’ in-group B is Greece. That is where we have our real chance. This is the game we must aspire to win, if we plan to get to the next round.

The first game with Argentina is so crucial. If we should aspire to get a draw; then, we must play defensive pattern and adopt every negative style to make sure Argentina does not get their rhythm in that game. Our, pattern should be 5-4-1 0r 5-5-0 (with no player on attack). If  we get a draw in this match our faith will be strong to work out the miracle.

Korea is our last game. By this time we should have known how to take our destiny in our hands. If we win Greece, we have the chance to look for our miracle. At this point, anything can happen. Yes, anything is possible till we get to the finals.

Lagerback has shown that he has the “Rod of Moses” in is hand. We saw some flashes that he could divide the “Red Sea” and bring out “water from the rock.” We saw a Nigerian side playing like a team. Is a Miracle!

Perhaps, this was what the Super Eagles lacked during Shaibu Amodu’s era. In the friendly against Colombia, I saw a Nigeria side working for each other in that game and playing as a team unit. At once my faith rose up strong with great expectation. Eagerly waiting for our Miracle.

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