Lagerback took “A old Eagle Jocker” to the World Cup

When playing a card game, you will like to have a Jocker to help you turn the game around in your favour. You do not just play out your Jocker in the beginning of the game. You keep it until the tail end when the game becomes so tight to make any good move or when the game is going against you, and then you play your Jocker to turn the game around in your favour.

Sometimes, you play your Jocker as your last good card, when you have nothing good in your hands to play anymore. You take the risk of a Jocker. You could also play your Jocker as a final card and you are so sure to win the game.

Lagerback knew he would need a Jocker sometime during the world cup. Therefore, he seek frantically to get one. He could not find a Jocker in any of the younger Eagles so he decided to take the “old Eagle Jocker” to the world cup.

The old Eagle may not be able to run effectively over 90 minutes because his strength might fail him, but he has experience of the big stage. The old Eagle has a pedigree to turn out stunning performances at the big stage.

It will be a big mistake to start Nwankwo Kanu at the beginning of a big game like the world cup and allow him play for a long time. But, it will be a bigger mistake not to introduce him in a top game when things get so tight. He is the only player in the Super Eagles Squad that has the nerve to turn games around in our favour.

Kanu has a pedigree of a Jocker. Some call him the super-sub. We could easily remember his Golden Goal at Atlanta 96” Olympics. Kanu has saved the Super Eagle many a time by turning out stunning performances and scoring crucial goals that has help Nigeria win important matches.

Cameroon during the 1990 world cup took an old lion called Roger Miller. He turned out to be Cameroon’s talisman scoring some incredible goals in those world cup games.

No coach in his right mind will have a player in the caliber of Kanu and leave him out in his world cup squad. Lagerback knows better. He was wise enough not to even change the Shaibu Amodu squad in such a short time. Lets watch for the Return of Nwankwo Kanu.

The Dice is cast this weekend. “Another June 12” in the history of Nigeria. Will it be on record that we defeated Argentina beyond all expectations or that we carried back basket full of goals and ouster from the world cup in shame? Make your comment now!

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