ANICHIEBE VS ODENWINGIE: Make Your Choice For Nigeria's World Cup Team?

It is different strokes for different folks. But it isn't a secret anyway that Stephen Keshi, Nigeria's national team head coach, has dispassionate interest in both players. While he has tried severally to woo back an unwilling Victor Anichiebe into the team, he may have left out Osaze Odenwingie for his bad attitude and unnecessary ranting on twitter.

Keshi, I think, believes Odenwingie may become a 'bad egg' in the team's mix and can spoil the party for him as he did for Samson Siasia in 2011. Though, Odenwingie has shown more willingness to be in national team, but the question is, has the Cardiff attacking Midfielder shown enough remorse and repentant for his childish behaviors?

It is a matter of choice, and Keshi may have shown more preference for Anichiebe because he sees him as a better alternate striker for Emmanuel Emernike. Both players are fast and bullish in their style of play. But the West Bromwich Albion striker insist that NFF officially apologize for the ill treatment they melted to him in the past.

I must admit that both players are good and we really need our best legs to be on ground during the FIFA world cup in Brazil. But you will also agree with me that Nigeria can do without them. They were not in the team when Super Eagles won AFCON in 2013, so they are not indispensable. My verdict is: if Anichiebe is unwilling to play for the national team, let no one force him into it; and if Odenwingie is likely to become a bad egg in mix, I don’t think Keshi should take the risk. At least we have equally good players in Shola Ameobi, Ikechukwu Uche, brown Ideye... who have shown they can deliver at the highest stage too.

Ok, this is my own personal opinion, but you can comment below this post to share your own take on the matter. Do so now, before Nigeria start its final preparation for the FIFA world cup.

As we continue to publish the unedited comments of football fans in Nigeria, it becomes imperative that you use this platform to make your opinion count - you never can tell who is reading!

I can tell you. I am aware that some members of NFF read this blog. Did you know how I got to know? Through some feedback they sent to my mailbox. So you see, your comments aren't going be just 'noise making.' It'll not be echoed in an empty space; rather it will be well directed at the authorities. Who knows, Keshi may even get to read it himself and have a change of heart, that way your opinion has made an impact and you have contributed your own quota to the success of the national team. Post a Comment below now!

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