4 New Ways Football Fans Can Best Enjoy 2014 FIFA World Cup

 How did you plan to enjoy the best of the 2014 world cup? I know if you are not in Brazil, you may probably be somewhere around the world watching the game on TV. You may even go to viewing center or large mall where you can interact with other fans while watching on the big screen – that’s been the traditional way since 1930.

Perhaps, if you are not that disposed to see the games live, you may depend on various sports programs on TV, Radio, Print news – these are also the traditional media since world began.

But modern technology is changing all that now. There are some new ways that gets you closer to each world cup venue in Brazil no matter where you are located on earth. Most of us already know that with the explosion of the internet and mobile technology you can be in Brazil while at work in Port Harcourt. If your PC is connected to the Internet, all you need do is to open a window on your desk top or laptop and minimize it to your viewing convenience while working. You can do the same while you travel; with your tab, joy pad, Smartphone connected to the Internet you can watch the games on the go.

So by now, if you are that real football fan who sleep, dream, eat, drink, and talk football; who likes to keep track of all that is evolving news daily, then you would have synchronized your entire device with all Fifa.com options.  Note: www.fifa.com is the official website for the world cup.

1.      FIFA Mobile Apps: ‘FIFA World cup Brazil 2014’ Mobile App target football fans all over the world who love the beautiful game and would like to keep track of everything on their mobile device. Track the progress of teams that qualified for the world cup; get countdown, match schedules, pools; information on the 12 world cup stadiums in Brazil… 


   FIFA Match Predictor: ‘FIFA Match Predictor’ is online audience engagement software which allows fans predict score of certain games. The predictor winners walk away with a customized football jersey of their favorite national team and the overall winner receives a trip for two, to the 2014 world cup.

   FIFA Hangouts: Google+ is one of the social media platforms where you can enjoy your football passion. If you add FIFA in your circle on Google+ account, you will be invited from time to time to register for FIFA Hangouts with notable football stars, coaches, officials…

During the hangouts, you will be allowed to participate in live chats (Discussion, Q&As) with your favorite football personalities. So you can ask questions and get more insights about their game and football philosophy.


        FIFA on Twitter: Now-a-days you are not restricted by distance and location barriers any longer. If you follow FIFA on twitter, you will be connected to a worldwide community of football fans. You can also be connecting to the 12 world cup stadiums to follow the games simultaneously.

You’ll  not only be able to interact with fellow fans in any of the world cup stadiums in Brazil, but other fans who are also watching the games from different locations across the world.

Apart from following FIFA on twitter, you may also follow your favorite national teams such as ‘Super Eagles of Nigeria on twitter.’ Then you may enjoy a more streamlined interactions with only Nigerian football fans.

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