"Nigeria may not win the world cup, but indeed, it's likely to win the most entertaining team in Brazil and that to me is a major victory." said Joachim Parker of Alaban Entertainment Inc. "Not many still see football as entertainment beyond 22 players tossing the ball round the field; beyond the sterling shouts of joy when a goal is scored, football is a total entertainment package delivered to an enthusiastic consumers ever asking for more." Parker explained.

Nigeria football is never complete without the Nigeria supporters club. Apart from a rich display of a very entertaining brand of football by Super Eagles, the Nigerian supporters club creates an electrifying atmosphere around the stadium with music, dance and gyrations beyond measure, which delivers an unforgettable experience for each spectator at the stadium.

Nigeria Fans: Tour, Music, Color and Peace
On Tuesday April 1, 2014, FIFA website posted a Video of Nigeria Supporters with a short write up: "Nigeria team at every FIFA World cup always have a group of people singing and cheering in their corner. They also bring a message of peace as they cheer on their compatriots amidst an enthusiastic sea of green, white colors."

FIFA hints the possibility of a large number of Nigerian supporters come to Brazil to steal the show once again; following their team with the best of music, dance, costumes and evocative display of Nigeria's football culture.

Nigeria supporters first storm the world cup scene in USA 94, where they put up such sterling display both in and outside the stadium arena that got the world appreciation. Despite the fact that Eagles was knocked out at the second round by Italy, Nigeria were still voted the most entertaining team for the entire competition.

10,000 Nigeria Supporters to Cheer Super Eagles In Brazil
The chairman of Nigeria Supporters Club, Rauf Ladipo, hinted that the Eagles would get the support of over 10, 000 fans during their world cup games in Brazil.

“Let me assure you that the Super Eagles will not lack support in Brazil during the World Cup” he declared.
“I was in Brazil for 11 days and I visited all the major cities to mobilize over 10, 000 Nigerians living in Brazil to come out en masse to support the Super Eagles during the World Cup in June” he revealed.
“We’ve almost concluded arrangements to storm Brazil with 500 - 1000 members of the supporters Club from Nigeria. The only challenge we have is that of funds and we are appealing to the government and corporate bodies to support us so we can cheer the Super Eagles in Brazil” he pleaded.

“We hope that FIFA will begin to consider team supporters as part of the total package they are offering to their audience and support them in term of funding or provision of subsidized participation.” said Nnamdi Obanya, a football analyst in Nigeria.

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