GREEN BALL PROJECT: Building a Smarter Generation of Football Players in Nigeria

What you’ll learn after reading this article
-          How to be part of the GBP life Changing Seminar.
-          How you can sign up for GBP 2 years football career mentorship program.
-          How you can receive information and educational materials for your football career.
-          How you can be part of the trial tests made available by GBP
-          And Many More..

Why do we really care about Grassroots football Players?
We’re world class sport consultants, admittedly. But we’re also more committed to the grassroots than you ever thought possible. At GreenHunters Sports International, we now have more programs dedicated solely to the development of players at the Grassroots than any other organization in Nigeria.

Our decision to give closer attention to the grassroots is born out of our discovery of millions of talents rotten away at the ghettos and hinterlands where most scouts wouldn’t dare go to.

Life Changing Seminar
The opportunity presents itself now. Green Ball Project (GBP) may be coming to your local training ground next! Of course we don’t know every football pitch around, but if you invite us, we could both arrange on how to hold the life changing seminar with players in the locality where your club train

The Seminar will be an eye opener for any player who has strong desire to pursue a professional football career in life. It’ll help you make a more tangible plan on how to achieve your football dreams.
·         In the Seminar you will have an opportunity to sign up into our mentorship program.
·         You’ll also have the chance to purchase the classic eBook at 25% discount: “How to Achieve Your Football Dreams.”

Benefits of Green Ball Project
The goal of GBP is to harness more talents for top flight club. Our target is to sign up about 500 grassroots players into our 2 years mentorship program. During the period, we’ll constantly monitor and manage the players’ development.

·         We’ll provide the players with the right resource materials and training program that will help them develop football intelligence and significant business knowledge needed for their profession.
·         We’ll help them to produce some personal marketing materials which include: Profile, Scouting Report and Video Clips.
·         We’ll provide them opportunity to attend several trial test both in the underage national teams and youth teams abroad.
·         And if any of the players become successful in any of the trial tests, we’ll provide him with the right Player Licensed Agent to represent him in the contract negotiations and signing of the deal

What You Should Do Now!
GBP is on track toward any grassroots club or Academy in Nigeria. All you need do is call my mobile +234 809 877 2556 or email: Then you can propose on how we can hold the Seminar in your area

NB: Any club asking us to come should be able to invite at least 200 players and provide a decent hall or restaurant where we can hold the seminar. The project will last till August 31, 2014.

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