2 Things Vincent Enyeama Could Save for Life After His 2014 World Cup Performance

Guess what Nigeria’s national team first choice goalkeeper could value more than anything else from 2014 World cup? No, Vincent Enyeama is probably not that excited with all the souvenirs he got from Brazil.

Well, I think he may value the $50, 000, 18 carat gold, Rolex wrist watch he bought while shopping in Rio and perhaps, the Hodula necklace he received as gift from a girl fan in Sao Paulo. But he may never value that stuff as much as the Adidas Gloves and his match videos.

I’m just thinking, perhaps  the Adidas gloves Enyeama used in the World cup may have had a ball magnet fixed inside it or what would you say that enabled him to catch and parry shots that would have normally beaten any goalkeeper in the world.

Enyeama had such outstanding performances that he made FIFA XI, as the best goalkeeper of the group stage. He scored 9.59/ 10 points as recorded on fifa.com statistics as the fifth best player in the group stage. Google clouds also recorded that he made 10 astonishing saves in the four games Nigeria played at the world cup.

You don’t say, but with such incredible statistics, Enyeama suddenly became the beautiful bride of world football and many top flight suitors are already lining up. Arsenal has offered £6.2 million to snap him from Lille OSC of France, where he is currently.  There are also indications that FC Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain (PSG) are also interest in him joining them this summer.

Enyeama will ever cherish 2014 world cup and may probably want to save all the match videos as a personal marketing demo as well as souvenirs for both his children and grand children. His performance was by far ranked above all of his teammates. Many pundits attributed the advancement of Super Eagles into the round of 16, as the sole effort of their wonderful goalkeeper.

 Enyeama isn’t that a new goalkeeper in the block, the world cup in Brazil wasn’t his first. He had participated in two previous editions – 2002 and 2010. But his stunning performance this time around has brought him to world spotlight. It isn’t an exaggeration, if you closely check statistics; you will find out that Enyeama is actually among the world’s best. And it’ll not surprise me or anyone, if FIFA eventually name him the best at the close of the mundial on July 13.

Enyeama has very robust records. He is the only goalkeeper in the world that has won the player of the year award in most leagues he has participated across the world. He won Nigeria footballer of the year in 2004; Israel footballer of the year in 2009 and he was voted player of the month from September to December 2013 in French Ligue 1. He is perhaps the most successful goalkeeper from the African continent.

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