HOW BRAZIL REMIND ME OF TAHITI: In 2014 World Cup Semi Final Match Against Germany

“It’s unbelievable, unimaginable, uncontrollable, the German machine has completely demolished Brazil – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 goals! The commentator kept reeling. “Who could have imagined it? I can tell you, no one on earth could have ever predicted the score line tonight… It’s incredible,  it’s unimaginable, It’s extraordinary it’s….” He continued.

Believe it, this is 2014 world cup semi final match and the final score is Brazil 1 – 7 Germany! So kick yourself up. It’s not a nightmare, its real!

Although, it was a very disappointing evening for I and my friend as we were about getting relaxed to watch what we thought would have been the final before the final. But it turned out to be an anti-climax. Before you say Jack Robinson, in just 27minutes of the game, Brazil had already conceded 5 goals.

“How did it happen?”  My wife asked me, because she knew I am an adherent fan of the Brazilian national team. I opened my mouth but couldn’t say anything. I was short of words.

What happened? I had to re-play the video on the internet again and again. It wasn’t as if the Germans were so fantastic on the night; they weren’t even playing at their best form, not at all. Indeed, they had to slow down their pace not to further humiliate the Brazilians in their own home country. The match could have been anything from 10, 15 or 20 goals, if the Germans were firing from all cylinders. It was their night!

“This isn’t ordinary.” My friend said. But who could have cast a spell on Brazil? How can a Brazilian world cup team concede 4 goals in 6 minutes? It remind me of Tahiti’s national team during 2013 Confederations cup.

The team from the Oceania continent was just like some football caricature as other teams piped them with as much goals as they so desired. I remember the match between Tahiti Vs Nigeria. In that game, Nigeria’s Nnamdi Oduamadi scored a hat trick. The final score was 1 – 8 in favor of Nigeria. But most fans got mad that Tahiti could score Super Eagles even one goal.

I guess most Germans felt that way too when Oscar scored a consolation goal in the 87 minutes. What the commentator called: “the most uncelebrated goal in world cup history.”

Oh My God, Is this Brazil? Even in early second half, Brazil had their chances – Fred, Oscar, Hulk, Bernard got face to face with Lamuel, the German goalkeeper, but couldn’t score. This isn’t a Brazilian team, I guess. May be the players are from Tahiti. LOL!

Germany has finally unmasked the Brazilian team. I guess every one team that came to the world cup would be ruing their chances with this Brazilian side. Asamoah Derby, my Ghanaian friend said to me: “If Ghana could hold the same German team to a 2 – 2 draw, it means Ghana can whip Brazil with as many goals.”

A fan in the Restaurant where we were watching the game said: “Super Eagles of Nigeria would have beaten this Brazilian team hands down.” 

But some analysts are of the view that the heart and soul of the Brazilian team was removed as Neymar got injured and Captain Thiago Silva was suspended.

Silva is the dean of defense for the Brazilian side and he could have organized them better. Neymar is the playmaker of the team, his presence could have could have inspired the team more and curb the German attack upfront. Scolari, the Brazilian coach, may have built the team around these two key players.

Well, no matter how you try to justify the defeat, Brazil Vs Germany Semi Finals game in 2014 world cup will be talk about for a longtime.

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