It was the FIFA World cup finals! Perhaps, the very match that could have eventually immortalizes Leo Messi as the god of soccer, right there at Maracana, one of the most popular stadiums in the world.

But it was the German machine that was to stop that ritual from happening. The machine that earlier humiliated Brazil 7 – 1 in their home soil, was now to stop the men from Argentina to further humiliate the poor Brazilians, who also lost to Netherlands a whooping 0 – 3.

When it comes to the beautiful game of football Brazil is mighty, or rather, did I say was mighty. No one could have imagined that Brazil will concede 10 goals in two matches in a world cup.

How are the mighty fallen! 

I saw those banners flagged by the German fans “WE WILL NOT ALLOW ARGENTINA WIN IN YOUR LAND!” Poor Brazil! They needed Germany to help save their face, if there’s anything left to be saved.

So the German machine was up and strong, and continually attacked Brazilian arch rivals, Argentina. They must not allow this immortality thing to complete. Leo Messi must not be allowed to become god of soccer, not in Rio de Janeiro before the large statute of Christ the King.

And for over 113 minutes the match was on, having gone to the second half of extra time. Then suddenly, Mario Gotze ran in between the Argentine back four and volley a cross pass Romero. Watch the video below: The goal that won the world cup.

If Argentina had won the world cup, then over six billion people around the earth that saw the match would have bow down and worshiped! And the divinity of Leo Messi would no longer be in doubt.

Although, Messi won the golden ball, but many stakeholders expressed their surprise; they rather felt that James Rodrieuz did better in the over all tournament. So Messi’s immortality was bridged once again. And no more will his Statute be raised in Buenos Aires as the god of Soccer.

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