MEET BENSON CHUKWUEKE: The Man Who Make Football Fans in Nigeria Richer

President/ Chief Executive Officer (CEO), GreenHunters Sports International 
Founder, Inspire Football Life (IFL Network)

Benson Chukwueke is a man of several accolades: ViewProfile Here.(Over 2 million people have viewed it)

His growing influence online has caught the attention of BBC Sports and his work severally mentioned in Techorati’s State of Blogosphere Reports, especially on how he engages Nigeria football fans and make them richer. In this interview, he made some salient revelations on how you can become influential online and how football fans can become richer through his various football services.

Q1.  Sir, your personality is growing steadily online and among football fans in Nigeria. What may be the reason for all the attention you are getting now?

A1. Thank you. I take the question as a compliment. I am aware that my work is spreading among football consumers on a global scale, especially in USA, UK, Germany, India, China, South Africa and so on. But it seems to be gaining more clout among Nigeria football fans spread across the world – that’s understandable. They are my first target audience in this regard. I believe I am satisfying their needs and adding value to their lives - that may just be the simple reason.

Q2. What’s your drive? Why Nigeria football fans? Are they such a profitable niche market?

A2. Well, I discovered that football is one sport that makes most Nigerians happy and I wanted to contribute to their happiness. I wanted to always give them something to cheer about.

When I made my research, I found out that 3 out of every 5 Nigerians now use some kind of internet connected mobile devices, that gave me the idea that if I go online I would have the potential to reach over a 100 million Nigerians.

I love what I do, it’s like a hobby. My sport marketing background has provided me the expertise to deliver solutions, inspirations and opportunities that meet the needs of the fans. Indeed, it’s beginning to yield dividend to my business on both national and international fronts.

Q3. I guess one of the dividends is your becoming a celebrity online. How did you achieve such prominence?

A3. The secret is simple, I provide unique and valuable contents that are attractive to my target audience and Google help me go viral through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The thing is this; I set up myself to reach most football fans across the world and also made it easy for then to reach me also.

I blog consistently on Google blogger and I post contents that attract over 1, 000 daily visitors. I continually build my community on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter, which has yielded both vertical and horizontal integrations to my business.

I research, write and market some very important information products and deliver some valuable affiliate products to my fans online. I also organize offline football events such as seminars and football trial camps.

This has led to overwhelming daily engagement with fans – my phones get clogged with calls and my mailbox full of inquiries. These give me the feeling of relevance to my generation, as I answer their questions, deliver formulas and rare opportunities that are changing many lives.

Q4. You seem to be getting more attention through your initiative – Take Your Passion to The Bank. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

A4. It’s true! I think I get a lot more attention from fans in Nigeria because I am helping them make money online. ‘Take your passion to the bank’ deliver to fans opportunities and formulas that help them make money while enjoying their passionate sport and supporting their favorite teams.

It became a kind of a boom when the young man, Bolaji Ayomide from Bariga Lagos, won US$250, 000 from 1960Bet; using the formula we delivered to him. Many of my fans had also made money using the Bet365 formula on our Cheer on Nigeria blog.

We’ve made watching live matches more exciting and valuable to fans by educating them on how to play ‘Live Fantasy football game at Picklive Nigeria’ and participate in football game show such as: the next big match, Soccer mental and so on, which delivers a lot of cash to them after every live match.

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