SPECIAL INTERVIEW: Chukwueke Gives Update on Lagos Football Trial Camp and IFL Network

Meet the President/ Chief Executive Officer (CEO), GreenHunters Sports International 
Founder, Inspire Football Life (IFL Network)

Q5. We understand that you published GreenBall Trial Camp on your company website; ‘Cheer on Nigeria’ and ‘Inspire Football’ for 2 years running, but the camp never actually hold and many of the registered players were discouraged. Why did you decide to just raise their hopes for nothing? It’s like  giving out a dude check.

A5. It isn’t a dude check. It’s the approach we took. We know that the event will require a lot of finances, over #20 Million Naira, and players pay to participate in most trial camps around world. But our aim is to get sponsors to subsidize the cost so that great talents, who may come from less privileged homes, may participate and be discovered.

We’ve not given up on the project! We’re determined to hold the GreenBall trial camp. Our attempt to get Jumia and Vconnect to sponsor the event didn’t come through as expected. We’ve opened talk with other potential sponsors and we’re hopeful that by November or so, we may hold the first edition.

Q6. Most of the discouraged players said there was no real intention to hold any trial camp at first place, that you were only using it as gimmick to sell your eBook. What do you have to say?

A6. The eBook, ‘How to Achieve Your Football Dream’, is a bestseller! The demand is still very high on Amazon online bookstore. We don’t need to use a gimmick to sell it.

I think the eBook is a must read for every footballer and I strongly recommend it if you have read it already!

The eBook is presently sold at US$10 (equivalent of #1, 600 naira) at Amazon bookstore, but we decided to subsidize the price at #1, 000 Naira. Guess what, only 26 players eventually purchased the eBook.

I don’t really blame them. It seems like we have dashed their hopes at the moment, but that’s because they aren’t aware of the enormous work we are doing from the backend. We were only enforcing the eBook because we know how important it is and how it will help prepare the players ahead of the trial camp. Some of the players that read the book got back to thank me for such expositions.

Q7. Finally sir, tell us a little of what’s going on with your IFL Network?

A7. It’s getting interesting. We’ve members who have taken up the IFL networking full time, organizing big rallies and seminars across the world.

You know, once you register and get 5 new persons to register, you get into the money making tree. And as your down line grows, you could earn over US$39, 000 in a complete stream. We have members who have built many down line streams and are earning much more.

Brands like Perfect Sports Clothing Dubai has joined the affiliate program and our reseller groups can now save up to 30% discounts from cooperative purchases.

Picklive Nigeria has also joined and integrated their system to automatically recognize members of IFL network, to top up their account up to 20% at anytime they play the live fantasy football game. A lot is going on.

Q8. Thank you very much sir for your time

A8. You are welcome.

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