How Nigeria Grassroots Footballers Can Make Money, Go for Trial Camp Abroad in the Next 6 Months through – IFL NETWORK SCHEME

Your football dreams can become a reality if you decide today to work smart. But I found out that most footballers at this level are suspicious of their own shadows. Though they dream of playing for big teams like Real Madrid, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, PSG… they aren’t prepared to take up opportunities that may come their way – and that’s very sad!

It’s frustrating for people like us who are determined to help talented footballers at the grassroots succeed as professionals. Players non-challant attitude impoverish our business.

I’ve provided several opportunities for players, but their responses are all the same. “I don’t have money to pay for the trial camp.” “I don’t have anyone to sponsor me.”

I got so frustrated myself, when I even gave some players opportunity to attend a trial camp on scholarship – Flight tickets, accommodation, food… all free. Guess what? Most of the players do not even have an International Passport and off course, couldn’t pay the $100 service fee. Tell me, can anyone travel out legally without International Passport?

The mentality of most grassroots footballers in Nigeria is laughable. I guess they don’t fully understand intricacies of the football market and how it operates. So they go on hoping that someday a Scout or Agent will show up in that remote playground and pick them up to a club in Europe; pay for everything including their Passport and other travel documents. We see such exaggerations in Western Union Money Transfer TV Advert. But it seldom happens that way in reality. A Scout may never come for you in that remote playground – don’t deceive yourself!

You must plan on how to bring your talent to light. A great player who doesn’t play in trials or tournaments, is like a guy winking a beautiful lady in the dark. Neither the lady nor anyone else never saw his great skills.

So if you have convinced yourself that you’re a great player, then you must be ready to go the extra mile to show case your talent and bring your football dreams to reality. You should be ready to pay your way to the next football trial camp abroad – ask me how?

I’ll show you how you can sponsor yourself with just an amount as little as US$25 (Equivalent of =N=4, 500), which any serous player can afford or rally around to get.

We’re truly concern about your future. We understand that most families in Nigeria are poor. The economy isn’t favorable to the ordinary man on the street or in the village. The truth is, money is scarce and nobody may be willing to invest in a project like this. Nobody is ready to pay for your own dreams. It’s capital intensive and very risky venture.

The price you’re suppose to pay to attend an average trial camp abroad is between US$8, 000 – US$12, 000 and nobody is sure you’ll be selected after spending such a huge amount of money.

This is one of the reasons we came up with this networking scheme – IFL Network; where you can invest US$25 (=N=4, 500), get other footballers to join the network and to also pay US$25 each. By 6 months time, you would have grown your down line so large and bank more than enough dividends (Money) to pay you way to any trial camp abroad.

The earlier you start the better for you.  If you start today, you’ll be eligible to attend a trial camp by April or May 2015. Before then, we will let you know schedules of up coming trial camps in our network in several countries. Together, we’ll select which one is best for you.

I feel this may be the best option for you. If you’re interested to work with scheme register now! Click the registration logo below and fill the form that displays afterward.

We’ll send you more information and details of how the scheme works.

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