What will Stephen Keshi say this time? Fortnight ago, after Nigeria national team lost at home to Congo in Calabar, the Super Eagles head coach said,”…that’s football for you. We’re bound to lose someday, even Brazil lost 7 – 0 at home in the last FIFA World cup…” So what’s Keshi going to say this time around? Will he say even Samson Siasia’s team didn’t qualify for AFCON 2011, so what’s the hell if I didn’t qualify, eh!

Obviously, Keshi’s team is fast sinking in the same AFCON murky waters that drowned Siasia and his team in 2010. But are we going to allow history repeat itself?  I think NFF shouldn’t just look on to see if Keshi and the national team will eventually go down the drain.

As I see it, the team is at the breaking point and if we just allow them to keep struggling, they’ll surely drown.

What Keshi and his Eagles need now is a rescue intervention from somewhere; to inject that missing power to win again. As we all know, Nigeria must win its next 3 matches and garner the 9 points at stake to stay in contention. The team must start by defeating Sudan on Wednesday October 15, at the national stadium Abuja.

What different game plan should Keshi’s boys adopt to save Nigeria from further embarrassment in Abuja? In fact, with the kind of bravado Sudan displayed in Khartoum, the East African side is ready to bury Eagles here in Abuja. What possible options can NFF follow to rescue Super Eagles?

Send A Rescue Team: We’ve one of our own, who is good at rescuing Super Eagles anytime they run into trouble. Let NFF technical committee draft Shaibu Amodu to work closely with Keshi.  Then, which player(s) should we call up immediately to the camp?

Some fans are yelling.  They say Ikechukwu Uche and Obafemi Martins are in great form and should be called up as a matter of urgency.

Some analysts are of the opinion that Brown Ideye is the missing link. He is the engine that propels Emmanuel Emernike to perform in crucial games. Kelechi Iheanacho is another player that could be considered in the rescue mission. The MVP in FIFA under-17 World cup in 2013 is currently doing well in MLS, where he’s on loan from Manchester City. Ideye and Iheanancho should be invited also to beef up the team immediately.

But Keshi had thwarted his relationship with these players in consideration and most of them may not be willing to give their best under his leadership as head coach.

Send A Presidential Task Force: The President as usual, should send a task force set up by him, to save the pride of Nigeria.

The task force should quickly settle whatever difference Keshi had with the players in consideration. We saw the way Osaze Odenwingie’s case was smoothly handled. The task force should see what other motivations or necessary actions that needed to be taken to rescue Super Eagles from the impending drown.

 Send A Miracle Worker: It’s looking like Nigeria may need more than just a natural intervention to save the day. We need some miracle workers to cause the rain to fall, the wind to blow or the earth to quake and help the boys push the ball into our opponents’ net as many times as required.

Where is Prophet TB Joshua?  Where is Prophet Ngozi Akuogu? We need them now more than ever before – are you crying or laughing. Well, this might just be the end of Keshi’s unprecedented reign.

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