How Rich Is Nigeria’s Football Data Bank? | 5 Ways You Can Access More Information

If you are already getting frustrated of not able to access some information you needed so dearly about Nigeria football, I’m here to help you sort out your challenges. But have you checked “Cheer on Nigeria?’

In these days of big data analytic, you’d wonder how rich Nigeria’s football data bank is. Well, I don’t think there’s any comprehensive data bank anywhere in Nigeria; that I know of. Information is fragmented and documented at several quarters, but Cheer on Nigeria blog has consciously build a large memoir of Nigeria’s football data and you can easily access it online.

Check out the blog, then query the ‘|Search’ at the top right side bar of the blog. Feel lucky, you’re likely to stumble upon your desired answer when the search result displays.

Of course, Wikipedia is a rich data bank online. It can serve you a lot about Nigeria football, if you query Google with the right keyword. You may also conduct an advance search on the website. Wikipedia is good with date and time as well as other counts. If you know how to query your search so well, you are likely to stumble upon the information you are looking for.

Nigeria institute of Sports (NIS) has the primary responsibility to document relevant data about sports in Nigeria generally. It has a very robust football data bank, but NIS website isn’t designed to share information as you may need it. But if you are in Nigeria, you can visit their office at the National Stadium Abuja or former National Stadium Surulere Lagos.

Naturally, Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) should have as much data about football in Nigeria. The challenge could be who is ready to sort out the files.

NFF doesn’t have a robust website designed to share information like a data bank would. You may have to visit the Glass House Abuja. You may have to encourage personnel to help you source the information you require.

Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) secretariat Abuja may be your best chance. We have erudite journalists you can access at the secretariat that would easily sort you out with the information you require. I don’t also think SWAN has a website that operates like a data bank.

There are some ‘human encyclopedia,’ sports journalists like Emeka Nwani, China Acheru, Charles Anazodo, Godwin Anakhana, Toyin Initoye… that canorally tell you whatsoever you need to know. You can contact them through SWAN Office in Abuja.

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