Bring Nigeria Supporters Club Experience to Your Car or Home | Download Songs and Videos to Your Phone

Want to relive a particular match experience or create the right atmosphere when discussing Nigeria football conquests with friends? Then add the supporters’ club flavor to the mix.

It's particularly fun when you are taking a ride with friends to the stadium or while discussing upcoming match or reviewing the recent game and you get Nigeria supporters club songs playing at the background of your car. It's such a delightful atmosphere you have created.

With a stereo clip plug-in to your car auxiliary and connected to the Car App on your Smartphone, you can listen to music from your phone to your car stereo at full blast. So it's easy to bring Nigerian Supporters club experience while driving.

You may want to do the same at home while your friends come visiting. You can turn living room into a stadium atmosphere. With a medialink HD plugin to your power source, you can connect your smartphone to your Big screen TV or Projector. Then with the Wi-fi on, you can watch several Nigeria supporters club videos transmitted automatically from your phone to your big screen.

Even if you aren't a member of the supporters club, I think you should learn the lyrics of the popular
songs, so you could easily flow along with them when you are out there supporting any of Nigeria's national team.

In fact, I am writing this article in response to inquiry made by some of our readers in Canada. I guess they are Nigerian fans who wanted information on how they could get lyrics of some popular songs sang by the supporters club. This was before. 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup began in Canada.

 Did you know Nigeria Supporters club launched an Album before 2014 FIFA World Cup? The 14 tracks album had most of the popular songs in it. Click to downloadthe audio here.

Apart from the Album, some Nigeria music artists had also released some singles, which also became popular among fans.

  •   Babayaro featuring Sound Sultan and Young Greg released what they called Super Eagles official song for 2006 World Cup. Click to Download video here

Austin Milado released a single "Super Eagles Carry Go" for 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Click here to Download Audio and Video

Ayuba featuring TM9ja also released a single he tagged official Song of Super Eagles. Click here to Download the Audio

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