2015 Reach Out Nigeria - Deliver to Our People the Power for True Change

As the new government in Nigeria began with the mantra "Change," and perhaps, determined to wipe out Corruption in the county; Believers Loveworld's President, Chris Oyakhilome, may have begun earlier in a mission to change the mind set of the people through a messenger Angel packaged in a daily devotional Rhasody of Realities.

Come to think of it, what it takes to wipe out Corruption in this country may not only be about prosecution of Politicians and probably putting them behind bars or getting them to refund the money stolen. It's about changing the mindset of the people.

Corruption is not a man! It is an orientation that became a way of life in the country. What Nigerians need is re-programing of the mind.

No man has the power to change another man! Only the word of God has the potency for true change.

 This is the reason for 6 years running, members and partnering ministries of Believers Loveworld a.k.a Christ Embassy had gone ahead to distribute several millions of this daily devotional book from door-to-door, all across the country.

Over the years, the reach out movement has gone beyond just distributing this life changing material, to taking up people orientated developmental projects all around the country.

The reach out movement which started here in Nigeria has actually gone global. It is even accepted more by governments outside this country. As I write, over two-third of the world countries yearly find  Believers loveworld carnival.reaching out to people with this messenger angel.

2015 Reach Out Nigeria promises to be more glorious than ever, as partners have plans to distribute 25 million copies of Rhapsody of Realities in print, audio and digital formats all over the country. The devotional will be distributed in several indigenous languages in Nigeria.

Partners will also embark on several community development projects across the country that will bring smiles to faces of any.

I admonish you to take time out to read this devotional if you haven't done so for the first time.(irrespective of your religious inclination). You will be glad you did.

Of course, you can be part of the movement if you believe in true change for Nigeria. You can partner in several ways:

  • Sponsor the publication and production of the devotional;

  • Be part of the development projects;

  • Pray for the successful impact of the message in the life of our citizens; 
  •  Finally, be part of the door-to-door distribution.

Spread the word. Get your friends and loved ones involved; it promises to be a glorious celebration of God's word in Nigeria.

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