Nigerian Footballers Are Making Cool US-Dollars in Paradise (Fiji Island) – Let us Link you.

An average player in Nigeria would become an instant superstar in Fiji island… Top teams like Lautoka FC and Navau FC  in the Fijian Premier League pay between USD$5, 000 – USD$8, 000 per month to foreign players.

I know most retiring Nigerian professional footballers would prefer to head to USA, Qatar or China for the big money deal. Off course, you would have been a  popular star playing in Europe to attract such big transfer deal in America or Asia.

It may not be that easy for aging players from Nigeria pro-league to fall back to China. So after spending several years with clubs in the country, these footballers seems to be tending towards poverty because those clubs hardly kept their contractual obligations. Fiji Island may just be the chance you have been waiting for to make real money. I thought I should let know.

We found 20 Nigerian footballers already silently making cool US Dollars playing in the Fijian Premier League. Now, nobody is talking about them because they are not in the media spotlight.

Professional football in Fiji Island may not be for young footballers with all the ambition to play for Nigeria national team or perhaps, top flight football in Europe. It’s for players who want to silently make money and to secure their future.

It has been a very rewarding  experience for this Nigerian, Alexander Ekwedi, who plays for Lautoka FC in the Fijian Permier League:

“I was first signed in 2007, when our club, Laukota FC were the runners up in the Fijian Premier league and also qualified for the next Oceania Champions League in Solomon Island.”

“Fiji is one of the several islands in the out-sketch of Australia. Two hours flight from Sydney international airport and I stepped down at Nadi International airport to a whole new civilization. The natural scenery and beauty of this Pacific Island is so awesome to behold. Most Fiji people believe that Solomon Islands are God’s specially reserved area, the paradise most people around the world refer to.”

“Now don’t laugh, we saw Fiji play against Super Eagles at FIFA Confederations Cup. Football is still developing and the Fiji Federation need experience players from countries like Nigeria to help grow their league. Although, they have great fans and  relatively large followership of the game, an average footballer in Nigeria can become an instant superstar in Fiji. So we enjoy all the spotlight here.”

“The welfare packages are also good compared to most place around the world. For just five days trials, our club pay appearance fees to foreign players from Africa USD$7, 100 by cash. Now depending on the quality of your skills and the agent negotiating with the club on your behalf. You can get a sign-on fee of about USD$30, 000 to USD$150, 000 and salary between USD$5, 000 to about USD$8, 000 per month.”

“I think most Nigerian footballers here are earning good pay and back home, they are making a lot of financial investments as well as taking good care of their extend family. That’s the most important thing for me now.” Ekwedi narrated.

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