Lagos BRT Buses Thrill Football Fans to a Fast and Unforgettable Ride

It seemed like a great idea: Show video highlights of major football matches across Europe, so passengers can relax in the new air conditioned BRT bus and view what they may have missed at home.

In a city where almost everyone seems to be a football fan, I think Value Media programmers of BRT TV have done well to offer them what I regard as a “wow experience.”

Going by those that use the buses regularly that respondent to our interview, 78.3% men and 35.1% women admitted the updates and football video highlight om BRT TV was the extra customer service they enjoyed while riding in the bus.

Of course, the air condition is cool, especially in the tropical weather  of  Lagos. The respondents also  mentioned about the much improved customer service  – the staff are more courteous and responsive to commuters plights, including that of physically challenged persons.  Never mind some unscrupulous ticket that tactfully extract N10 from passengers.

I hear there’s free WI-Fi inside the bus. Correct me if am wrong, but I have tried several times t connect  with my phone but to no avail. I guess it will be really nice to have such facility working also. Now, don’t call me Oliver Twist, this is the internet age and I think we deserve more innovations like this one.

Indeed, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system initiated by former Lagos State governor Raji Fashola, has greatly transformed public transportation system in the city. With a fare as affordable as N120 and N70 respectively you can ride all the way to your destination.

Most people that ply the route from Ikorodu to Mile12, down to CMS, prefer to take BRT rather than Taxi. Rush hour traffic “go-slow” can be terrible in those area at such time. And it may take you  four good hours drive in your own private vehicle what BRT will take only 45 minutes or so to get to CMS (vice-versa).

BRT has designated part of the major road exclusively caved out for the buses to have fee passage and move faster than other public transports or private vehicle during  high traffic hours. Now, the air conditioned buses  and better customer services  has made it more endearing to commuters irrespective of age and class.

BRT is a faster – safer means of transport, with almost zero incident of accidents, Pick Pocket or “one Chance” cases. While Molue pushed Lagos commuters to act like animals, BRT has brought decency into our lives.

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