Hints: South Americans to Invade Nigerian League Soon!! [Here are the Business Implications]

More Brazilian footballers will be coming to play in the Nigerian league before the end of 2015/16 season. I am not just making projections. In fact, as I write now: 3 Brazilians, 1 Argentine, 1 Uruguayan, 1 Colombian players have been in contact with us.

These players are unrelenting in their communication. They want GreenHunters Sports International to interface between them and professional clubs in Nigeria. And I can’t possibly tell how many more of these players are in contact with other Agents or Sport Marketing out fit in Nigeria. I foresee what I might hashtag as #South American Invasion of Nigerian League.

I guess the story has gone around through the international media, how six Brazilian players signed for FC IfanyiUba and doing quite well in the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL).

This is coming just-in –time when NPFL is going through what I may call a Revival. The league management company (LMC) has begun to put their act in order which is already yielding some result – the quality of football is improving and fans have began to turn out in large numbers at some of the stadiums in Kano, Aba, Lagos…

Of course, we have a lot of talented footballers in Nigeria, but allowing foreign professionals from South America to join the league will bring about keener competition and a better brand reputation for NPFL internationally.

Yeah, we really desire that NPFL be the best in Africa and be comparable to the likes of English Premiership. It may sound like a tall order today, but as the league continues to attract top class professionals from across the world, it will be a matter of time.

By that I am not saying any journey man footballer in South America should start heading to Nigeria. NPFL is already very competitive but as you know every manager needs outstanding players to boost his team and we need real star for the league.

For us in GreenHunters Sports International, we only agree to represent a player that has exceptional skills. We must assess you or view your Video Clips and if we satisfied, then you can have a deal with us. And it doesn’t matter if you are from South America, Europe, Asia or Africa, we would like to see your video clips and ascertain the level of your skills and techniques before we can take up the mandate to sell you to clubs in Nigeria.

If you’re that confident about your skills, then feel free to email us your profile and a link to your video clips on YouTube, Vimeo or video channels.

Call: +234 809 877 2556,       Email: gh.sports1@gmail.com

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