Football Fans Culture in Nigeria – What’s Changing Today?

The young football fan in Nigeria has grown up in a sophisticated world of Cable TV, the Internet, and Mobile devices which put him in a stage beyond just football actions within Nigeria. With his Smartphone for instance, he can connect to a global football network and be in a position to choose from several thousands of top class football events across the world by just a simple action as a “click away.”

Millennial lifestyle is some worth different from the 80s and 90s when a fan would have to be at the stadium to see a football match live. Very few matches were broadcast on VON Radio and NTA Network programs then. So it was easier for team managers to sit down in their armchair and watch large numbers of spectators throng into the stadium; because the local league was the only top of the class football event within the fans reach.

What is changing from the past decade and half to this day is:

  • Over 45% households in Nigeria now own  Cable TV as compared to 8% in 1999.

  • There has been 5% decline in terrestrial TV  viewership from 1999 till date

  • Over 75% individual persons in Nigeria now own at least a mobile phone as compared to 4% in 1999

  • Over 87% area in Nigeria have access to Internet services

To this end, football fans in Nigeria are now fully exposed to some of the most glamorous football events such as English Premiership actions. And it has become even more difficult to get their interest back to the Nigerian league, which on it’s own is trying to sort out a lot of challenges. 

Fans will rather remain at home or go to viewing centers to catch up with a live match on Cable Tv or can even stream live on the internet. And while still viewing the match, they can also connect to millions of other fans across the world on the social media via their mobile devices; tweeting, inter –changing video clips and photo stories… an experience far beyond what they can enjoy going to watch the local league in Nigeria.

Indeed, the local league and tournaments in Nigeria can also go viral, but football fans’ needs are largely overlooked and under-appreciated by football administrators and managers  in Nigeria. We all know football is nothing without the fans.

It ‘s time! We must begin to reach today’s millennial football fans where we can find them. Strategically create local content for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat, Instagram, Google+ … on one hand, then Cable TV stations like Super sports, Sky sports. ESPN to broadcast our local league… on the other hand.

I can recommend this because I am a football marketing and management consultant, as well as a social media Pro of no mean reputation. I spend most of my typical day interacting with over 5 million football fans, mostly across Nigeria via various social media platforms.

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Our job is to provide football possibilities and solutions to our numerous  fans and upcoming football players in the country and beyond.

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