What Does Your Faith Say about Sport betting…Especially Now You’re Broke and Can’t Find a Job in Nigeria?

Since we published the article; Sports Betting inNigeria… Is it Gambling, Is it Sin… What about the Youth Empowerment Benefits?

… Both Christian and Muslim youth development organizations have adopted the article on their websites, J journals and magazines…. We have received quite lot responses that gave us the impression that the article has become some worth controversial.

Alexander Nnani one of our regular fan commented…
“A most educative and expository write-up; all there is to say about Sport Betting was said. For me, I will not authoritatively say Sport Betting is sin, however, I don’t think it has produced good result in the long run; so it is NO for me!”

Nnani may not be entirely correct, especially from the point of view of this reader who wrote on our blogger contact form…

“My name is Udochukwu Michael, a graduate of Computer Science FUTA. I graduated since 2003 and for good ten years, I couldn’t find a sustainable job after several interviews without success… until I decided to go into Sport betting business as a NairaBet Agent in Port Harcourt in 2013….”

“And in less than three years I have expanded to having five betting outlets and make a regular commission of over N500, 000 five hundred thousand Naira on monthly basis…. Tell me, which Bank or Oil Company in Nigeria will want to pay me that much in three years?”

“I have married a wife, bought a car and acquired a plot of land in less than three years… and the future is looking brighter. I am like someone who came from Dead back to life… Once again I am full of life, full of ideas and inspirations for tomorrow… Something I have long lost out of frustration.”

The thing they don’t know is this, Michael continued…
“I am a practicing Christian… I pay my tithe regularly as well as support the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ… and other works of the kingdom - BIG TIME.”

“May Almighty God Bless Akin Alabi of Naira Bet and everyone who are involved in empowering lots of the youths through Sport Betting?” Michael concluded.

Quite a touching testimony and a very tempting one for that matter… does it challenge your faith? Of all the forms of controversies that trailed youth empowerment benefits or the damaging human value that sport betting brings about in Nigeria… WHAT DOES YOUR FAITH SAY ABOUT IT?

Click the comment box below and contribute to this on going debate. We’ll really appreciate it, if you lend your voice to this matter of Sport Betting in Nigeria

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