What Exactly is The Olympic Movement? …Could Rio 2016 Be the Largest Social Media Event Ever?

 Everyone is familiar with Olympic Games but likely not many understand the purpose of the games or the Olympic movement over all.

You don’t have to be an Usain Bolt to win the true ‘100 meters race of the Olympics’ …you don’t have to even compete in any of the sporting events to get unto the highest podium to receive your own ‘Gold Medal’ in Rio 2016.

It is about you understanding what exactly the Olympic Movement is and how you can participate to become a true champion. This is what I am about to share with you in this article.

The Olympic Movement, What Exactly is that?
The Olympic Movement places sport at the service of humankind as a lesson in respect, in honoring one another, in striving for excellence and in celebrating friendship that brings humanity together.

Today, the world is increasingly unease due to terror attacks and other uncertainties and there’s no better opportunity to share the message of world peace and friendship than the one 2016 Rio Olympic Games present.

The Olympic Games will have tremendous reach via broadcast and digital streaming and driving huge social conversation on it own. But VML has been running public service campaign for the past couple of months for the International Olympic Committee (IOC)… using #OlympicPeace on social media to spread the word.

Brian Yamada, VML Chief Innovation Officer said, “We expect the 2016 Olympic to be the largest social media event ever.”

This campaign will help to fuel and drive a huge social conversation as well as spread the message “Together we can change the world.”

The major objective is to inspire, evoke emotion and engage people around the globe… and this is how you can WIN. By being fully involved and expanding your social reach with #OlympicPeace “Together We Can Change the World.”

The Olympic Movement is here to breakdown walls and build bridges… and through this emotive campaign, we hope the world audience will be inspired to learn more and do more.

This is the reason you should be part of the campaign to spread the message and drive a huge social conversation around the Olympic peace this period. By doing this you will sure be winning ‘hearts of gold.’

Facebook will play a big part in the distribution of the Olympic message and a key role for the #OlympicPeace activation. Twitter is yet another social platform we expect to drive the message to another level.

To give the campaign a global feel, VML is using music from various continents performed by Yuna (Asia), Lenny Kravitz (America), Corinne Bailey Rao (Europe), Darren Hart (Australia) and our own Nneka (Africa).

There are also a series of four films in 90 second, 30 second, and 15 second format with voiceover from Uma Thurman (English), Juliette Binoche (French), Paz Vega (Spanish) and Yais Araujo (Portuguese)… These films will be available to media right holders for TV and digital distribution.

 #OlympicPeace “Together We Can Change the World!”

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