When you Dream of a Football Management Career in Nigeria , what do you See?

 When you dream of a career in sports, especially when you live in Nigeria, what do you see?

Do you see yourself revolutionizing the way football and other sports business are conducted in the country... Turning football to a revenue generating sports rather than an expense not-for-profit industry.

What do see...?

Do you see yourself as a Football Agent - qualifying for players association requirements, negotiating contracts and building a player brand?

Do you see yourself as the General Manager of a professional football team - crafting a roster, managing budgets and leading a large staff?

Do you see yourself as a Sport marketing officer- initiating innovative product concepts, impacting revenue, developing dynamic pricing models and building relationships with sponsors, fans, vendors and media...

Do you see yourself as the CEO of a Sports wear line - with visionary leadership, crafting creative advertisement and partnership deals, effective distribution and public relations

With a course in football Business management all of these things and more are within your reach. The only question left is...how? We have an answer for that too.

With TURN 360° program faciliated by GreenHunters Sports International you can be mentored to gain special knowledge and skills to excel in your chosen career.

 Our program is affordable, often less than half of the price of other sports management programs, and  so flexible, it can be brought to your door step in Lagos Nigeria. This is your opportunity to make your dreams come alive... Start working towards your future. Call uus now: +234 809 877 2556. Or em××

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