A Personal Website with A Kick – the Best You've Ever Seen [Get Creative As A Sports Professional!]

You're way behind if you do not as yet have a Personal website!

The Internet revolution and the 21st century requires that you built a  resounding Personal brand that resonates. 

And it doesn't matter whether you are a Professional, celebrity or even a freelancer or applicant, your Personal website will give you the edge... is all about packaging your personality, your unique selling proposal (USP) online.

Hosting a Personal website (online resume) is like the Statue of  ‘ the Christ the Redeemer’ at the summit of  Corcovado hill in Rio de Janeiro or ‘the Eiffel tower’ in Paris... they are eye catching and ever there for the world to see as unique symbols of these great cities.

Your Personal website tells a better story of your personal brand: who you are, what you have done, what you are doing presently  and indeed, your life vision and mission statements... something your Resume may not be able to capture or express so well...

And it is out there all the time, even when you are sleeping...   attracting both business and social relationships to you from around the globe.

Job Search
Indeed, job search is something else in Nigeria.
Some refer to it as a full-time job in itself, others say it's like a Carmel passing through the eye of a needle,  but it doesn't have to be that way ...

When you’re applying for a job, you’re typically asked to submit a resume and cover letter. Maybe your LinkedIn profile. But there are better ways to stand out against your competition, and building a personal website is one of them.

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A personal website can serve different goals, but perhaps what it does best is provide you with an opportunity to tell your own story. And with 53% of employers reporting that the resume alone did not provide enough information to determine if the candidate would be a good fit, that storytelling element can really help to improve your odds.

New Business Search
Nowadays, companies and individual that need to engage a certain professional for their next project, occasion or event start first with a search on Google or Bing. A well designed Personal Website ensures that your online resume shows up as top priority on certain Keywords on the search engine.

A lot of people from different vocations: Engineers to Music stars, Doctors to Fashion designers, Accountant to Estate Managers, Comedians, event planners... get call in for new business through their personal website. And I, as a Sport Marketing consultant get about 42% of new clients and new project offers through my personal website.

Relationship Search
Your Personal website can also open avenue for social relationships or even dating. Birds of the same feathers likes to flock together... People of related profession or life vision likes to exchange resources interact and affiliate at some levels. Your Personal website quickly introduce you to like minds.

If you're thinking about creating a personal website of your own, check out this example below:

A Personal Website with A Professional kick... Maybe the best you've ever seen
Fortunately, the website is yours truly... rated five star by HubSpot analysis and I want to share it with you here.

I designed the website in such a way that it speaks volume about my position as a Football Marketing Consultant

The incredible online resume should be seen to be believed. Beautiful imagery of digital illustrations compliment my Sport Marketing background, and animations makes this website more of an experience than a document.

In terms of design, the multi-color textured background of a digital Sports factory adds visual appeal in a way that evokes feelings of exceptional amplitude of a person that manufactures football ideas and solutions

And my display picture (DP)managed to squeeze in some witty "Egg head," like a football business professor... with the message CEO GreenHunters Sports International   and Founder; of Inspire Football Life (IFL Network)... will immediately  catch anyone attention.

Bio Page:
My Bio page is a well crafted masterpiece  that quickly put in the mind of the reader what my personal brand vision and mission is all about... and went ahead to showcase  my expertise (what I can do); my relevance to society as well as the changes (the revolution) I am currently spearheading in the football industry in Nigeria. It really afford me the opportunity to brag a little.

The bio page gives the reader the feeling that they have come in contact with a change agent and a solution giver... especially  to the core needs of the football industry in Nigeria  and the alleviation of poverty in Africa in general.

Project Page:
The project page is a place where I decided to showcase my portfolios... the success I have achieved so far and my ongoing  projects... the website slide show serve you each project in a eye catching way and gives you the option to quickly slide over or delay the next slide when you are still reading or taking notes.

The project page quickly impresses on the reader my success story as each slide introduces a new project ... from author of books to a social networker, youth empowerment to blogging for social good... any reader would not only fall in love with my contributions to society but would be inspired to partner with me in some of the projects.

Reference Page:
This is a kind of testimonial page that helps me create authority through people that have had satisfied experience with me and my services...

I carefully chose four references that experienced my different skills and services... which covered both people I have mentored, a Players I have signed into a club, A Fan of my Personal brand as well as a highly placed personality who decided to put his reputation on the line by recommending me.

Miscellaneous Pages:
Of course there are pages that stated my educational qualifications; Work experiences and job descriptions before and now... and a lists of my core and support skills
The contact page is another page of interest  that displayed various way the reader may prefer to contact me; from direct email to my social media platforms or telephone call... The short call to action that subtly encourage the reader to contact me is so superb.

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