GreenBall Trial Camp Wants You to Showcase Your Football Talent in Front of Scouts and Agents – Here in Lagos Nigeria

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 If you decide to start a professional football career, you’ll probably go online to search for help… that’s what Benson Chukwueke founder of Greenball Trial Camp is banking on.

He started posting training Camp programs and trial opportunities on his blog for several reasons.

First, he’s looking for partnership opportunities on the Internet to expand his business reach globally.

Second, his resolve and determination to empower youths and to use football offers to alleviate poverty in as many families in Africa… is more like a divine purpose to him.

Third, he has been involved in the hassles of exposing young talented footballers all his life, so he understands the demographics, nearly 10 million active youths across Nigeria alone…. between the ages of 16 and 26 years old… seeking to jump start a professional football career abroad… at an average cost of about US$3,000 per player.

In other words, it’s not going to be easy for young footballers who are mostly from difficult backgrounds, with their parents earning an average income less than US$1,500 per annul.

The Good News:
 Chukwueke launched his blog CheerOnNigeria in 2009 and despite heavy competition, the site is become number one football marketing blog in Africa… helping footballers and their parents navigate football career obstacles, among other things it does.

The blog provides football career counsel; promote player’s assessment and training camp programs as well as trial opportunities. Players and their parents can have a telephone consultation with Chukwueke 24 hours and 7 days a week… contacts: +234 809 877 2556 or

Chukwueke has turned the table around. Instead of helping two to four footballers travel abroad for trial camp each year, which cost a cumulative sum of about US$12,000, he decided to use that same amount to bring over Scouts and Agents to Nigeria…. to see a large number of players showcase their talent…. 

That means about a hundred players or more can pay less than US$150 to participate in the two weeks training/ trial camp in Lagos Nigeria… with plans already underway to expand to other African countries.

The Milestone
The response has been gradual. Chukwueke have had to call off several trial camp events because players and their parents were skeptical of paying for the program. But it didn’t in any way dampen his resolve. He knew was a matter of time.

Since 2013, Chukwueke has covered a lot of grounds. His blog is already recording an average of 150,000 pageview per month and attracting steady advertising revenue.

And Greenball Trial camp has succeeded in connecting with the following

  • Roger Bongearts founder of Total Soccer Method Netherlands

  • Jose Martinez International Soccer Management Australia

  • David Cobin of Lederbroch Spain

  • Ray Curan of Global Soccer Placement USA

  • Avian Yaun of Ali Baba China

  • Martin Dahlin of Martin Dahlin Management Sweden

  • Innocent Okeke of Nordic Sports Management Sweden

Of the nine prospects selected in 2013 and 2015 Players’ Assessment/ Trial Camp in Lagos Nigeria, 3 players were successful:

  • 1.     Gabrial Omotosho was transferred to FC Sheriff Moldova in 2013

  • 2.     Ilemi Oyih got a Scholarship Admission in FC Pirates University of Kansas in 2013.

  • 3.     Jimmy Tamadi was transferred to Elfborg FC Sweden in 2015

 And Chukwueke knows these are signs of better things to come in the years Ahead.

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