The Power to Generate Funds for Football Teams and Sports Organizations – In High Demand in Nigeria [Unravel the Mystery]

There is great power that comes from controlling the cash flow of money in sports.. If you can find it, develop it, and trade it, you will always be in demand in the Football industry.

This skill seems to be lacking in the ability of most team managers and football administrators in Nigeria.

A football  team could win every game, but without fans paying for tickets and buying apparel, and corporations buying suite  and sponsorships, none of it would matter, because there would be no monetary returns on invest.

In football like in any other sports, it's not just about winning, it's about convincing an audience they need the experience of being there live at the stadium arena.

  • It's about showing a corporation that their target market will be at the game, absorbing their brand messages.

  • It's about media rights from the extended audiences viewing via TV or the Internet...

  • It's about using different methods to create revenue!

Time is fast leaving behind Armchair team managers and football administrators... and soon there will no place for them when government hands off  and football is fully commercialized in the country.  With the state of the economy; it is obvious teams and leagues will have to look for other means to find funding and create wealth if they have to survive.

For passionate and forward looking individuals  who are already in the industry or about to enter... taking a professional course in Sport Marketing and management may be the best thing to do now.  

And in just 3 months we will teach you how to take possession and develop the skills that is in high demand with sports teams and organizations around the world.

"I had challenges in my sports career search until I met my mentor who took me through Sports Financing and Marketing Management program ," recalls course graduate Joesph Onyima. "Then I birthed my own football  Agency - JOKA Sports Management - My dream job, since childhood!"

Onyima's situation is more common than you think, in fact jobs in sport marketing and Management are so heavily in demand that we feel confident after graduating from this 3 months course, you will be guaranteed career success.

Not only that, we'll help you redesign your focus to overcome the intricacies of the local market here in Nigeria and Africa in general. You will get references from your course mentor, Benson Chukwueke.

If you are serious about your sports career, it's time to sign up for our Sport Marketing and Management course today! Apply now!   Call and speak direct with your career mentor for more information! +234 809 877 2556

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