An Online Community Aims to Help Football Fans Thrive in Nigeria - IFL Network

While football consumers are estimated to be over  50 million in Nigeria, majority of them earn income less than US$1,500 annually; according to Benson  Chukwueke  founder of Inspire Football Life (IFL Community Network).

He launched the Online platform to bring football fans together so they can use the Power of Collective Intelligence, Collective Bargaining and Collective Engagement/ Mobilization among other tools to help grow as well as sustain their consumption of the beautiful game.

Chukwueke's ambition to grow the largest football community on earth is on already. He said it will give fans a stronger voice and lots of advantages as they come together in large numbers to act as one.

  • Collective Intelligence: GreenHunters Sports International has ran several survey and opinion polls on the platform. For instance,  it allows fans on the platform to vote online to decide who wins the annual Popular Side Awards (PSA).

PSA has over it's two edition served as not only a rude interruption to some orchestrated awards such as NFF Nigerian Footballer of the Year Award or even CAF African Footballer of the Year Award by publishing the fans vote winners online...

But the insistence that fans are the consumers of the sport and are in the better position to vote their true award winners.

The fans intelligence system has greatly helped members to make more informed decisions. It has more importantly helped GreenHunters to have better understanding of the fans ever changing behavioral pattern, therefore positioning the sport marketing company to proffer the right products and to serve the fans better.

  • Collective Bargaining: GreenHunters capitalizes on the power of large numbers to negotiate it's affiliate marketing terms... where members on IFL  Community Network are asked to indicate their interest in a particular good or service and to decide how much they are willing to pay for such product.

GreenHunters uses the analysis of their Collective Bargaining to negotiate discount and other affiliate terms with brands. And members who purchased the product through the IFL platform receives a Coupon/ Discount Voucher for their collective patronage... and in return, IFL Network is paid commission based on volume purchased.

  • Collective  Engagement and Mobilization: IFL Network  is growing  to become a kind of strong fans union that can engage football administrators and management  at various levels - from NFF to LMC; Club owners to Team Managers - to negotiate an improved quality football entertainment in the country.

In fact, IFL Network can adopt some labor union tools to mobilize fans on the platform to participate more actively in Nigeria football leagues or may even boycott certain games in order to achieve their goals and objectives.

Counting today, over 100,000 fans are already on IFL Network. It's  like a thug-of-war, your joining the platform will add strength to the community in no little measure... Let's add you now

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