Blogging, A Serious Money Making Business in Nigeria? Get All the Tips from A Top Football Blogger in the Country

I hear a lot of people say it's  no use, blogging is a waste of time!
Of course, many have tried their hands on this new media vocation and couldn't find any way to turn it into a money making venture. Maybe it's different elsewhere, not here in Nigeria, they say.

It could be fun if you are just flattering your passion or ego blogging as a hobby. You could get a lot of accolades from your audience... at your best make some passive income, but as a regular money making business venture, NO - NO!

So when I tell people that I blog for a living, they roll their eyes, "so that's what you do?" they say. "You get regular pay for sitting on the Internet all day and writing about football... how do you achieve that?"
 Perhaps, you may know some of the few blogs in Nigeria that are sailing the Internet waters so well... Linda Ikeji's blog, Nairaland forum, Bella Naija, Mary Ann's blog... in the lifestyle and New technology gadgets niche.

Talking about the most popular blogger in Nigeria Linda Ikeji, you may have heard how the lady genius built NGN50 million business out of blogging. And its all over the media how she's now expanding her business to include: Linda Ikeji TV, Linda Ikeji Radio, Linda Ikeji Music and other project she prefer to call LIS.

 She just acquired a NGN35 million worth of property and own a Range Rover worthNGN24 million... she's in serious business if you ask me.

Blogging business is basically the same thing. The best blogs aren't in the design, they are blogs attracting  thousands, if not millions of traffic everyday like Linda Ikeji's blog.

Blogging is the business of peddling traffic. The more traffic you attract to your blog, the more business will come to you and the more money you make.

Blogs make money through:

  • §   Advertisement - Brands placing advert directly on your blog or through Agents like Ad Sense

  • §   Advertorial Publications - Brands placing sponsored posts on your blog

  1. §   Afiliate Marketing - promoting other brands on affiliate arrangement and earning commission in the process.

  • §   Business Support: You can use your blog to promote your own goods and services  Blogs are more effective in attracting leads and customers for your business.

It's all about the value of the content you serve on your blog, information, education, entertainment, opportunities and solutions... Are you blogging unique contents that a large size of Nigerians or global population are searching for on the Internet? That's the key for the business success.

Blogs that are providing job search or property search or entrepreneurship business ideas search solutions in Nigeria are attracting tons of traffic everyday. Blogs like Jobberman, Ngcareer, Naija Properties, Hulk Estate, Success Digest... are in serious money making business  blogging such large size media search niche.

Blogging football is perhaps one of the largest media search, but has a very stiff competition... Lots of websites and blogs are hustling to survive in this media niche; especially here in Nigeria were millions  of the youth population regularly consume the beautiful game.

Here, I will tell you how we excel in this market niche and have turned Cheer On Nigeria (the blog you are reading now) into NGN30 million business in Nigeria. I will reveal to you some of the creative ways  we strategically make money over 7years of blogging.

Cheer On Nigeria is a football marketing blog that focuses on promoting Nigeria football brand to local fans and the global community. With the intention of attracting  investors, sponsors as well as empower talented youth players and fans in general.

CheerOnNigeria attracts thousands of traffic per day and in peak periods during major football tournaments and events such as Caf African Cup of Nations; FIFA World Cup, Olympic Games... special fixtures in the Premier League; UEFA Champions League; Caf Champions League, Nigeria Professional Football League... the blog traffic usually rises to hundreds of thousands visitors everyday.

And top brands usually come to negotiate direct  Advert placements or Advertorial posts on the blog. This account for about 36% revenue.

GreenHunters Sports International are the publishers of CheerOnNigeria blog. They use it as a media plaform to promote and support their own products and events such as their football educational courses and Seminars, eBooks and newsletters; Youth football trial camps, Players Assessment and trial offers; new technology software, App, Gadgets and devices.

And these account for about 54% revenue.

GreenHunters consulting services open opportunities to collaborate and have understanding with clients... to promote their products and events such as franchise and affiliate marketing and in return earn service charges and commissions... These also account for about 15% revenue - Company's Annual Report 2015.


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