3 Blogging Lessons I Learned Firsthand from Linda Ikeji - that Made All the Difference

I saw this rather sarcastic inscription on a T-shirt: "Who Has Blogging Ever Helped in Nigeria?'"

Well, I don't actually know what's on the writers mind, but if you ask me who blogging has really helped... then I'll point to Linda Ikeji!

In all ramifications, blogging has helped her become so popular and rich here in Nigeria... and indeed globally.

You can't help but to admire all the success Linda has achieved these past years through blogging. And if you are a forward looking business blogger like me, you won't stop at envying her...

But to follow her closely and even do extensive  research to find out the things that made her blog tick... why people prefer it to other social media contents in Nigeria.

I shouldn't have bothered really, because I am not in the same niche with her. I don't blog lifestyle

CheerOnNigeria is all about sport marketing and I use the blog primarily to support my football marketing and management business visibility online..

But this is how I learn; I have followed these two great men most of my life... Pastor Chris Oyakhlome, founder of Believers' Loveworld (BLW) is in fact my spiritual father and life coach. I attend his programs, listen to his teachings and read his books... and as well partner with his ministry.

I also follow  Mark McCommeck the founder of IMG and godfather of modern Sport Marketing, because of my career specialization in football marketing and management.

These two men mentored me in life and in career without I meeting them one-on-one.

So seeing that Linda Ikeji is the number one blogger in Nigeria I began to follow her too because of what I am presently doing with blogging and social media.

 They provide global visibility: leads, engagement and conversions of my target football consumers, both in Africa and across the globe.

I believe success is parallel. If you do what a successful person does and given the same condition, you will be successful too.

CheerOnNigeria is quite popular among the football community in Nigeria. We are on our way to taking over as number one blog and social media hub in Africa - ah ah ah ah ah!

I discovered a lot from following Linda Ikeji's blog and I want to share the three major lessons  I took away.

If you are a beginner in the business  of blogging, then you will find this article very instructive.

Of course, if have gotten to the point of frustrated and you're about to stop bloggimg, I encourage you to finish reading this post first.

Linda majorly adopts these three blogging strategies:

1. The Oprah Factor:
The Oprah Winfrey's style that made her the most popular TV show presenter in the world.

Oprah built her ridiculously successful career by bringing the best experts contents and entertainers onto her talk show.

The dictum is, don't blog about yourself or your works, rathet blog about celebrities and popular authorities in your niche... and watch millions of traffic flock to your blog daily. Huffington, Forbe, Fortune... uses this strategy a lot.

I have come to discover that people don't give a qualms about who you are or what you thing you know. They don't want more information...

 Your blog can gain all the aurhority (become the preferred blog) by aggregating what known experts and celebrities said or are saying or are doing concerning a matter.

So go ahead interview celebs and blog about the works of known authorities, you too will soon be as popular as Oprah or Linda...

 Then watch brands stumble upon themselves to place commercials and advertisements on your blog.

2. The Paparazzi Factor:
Don't be a general blogger. Don't copy and paste articles from other websites or blogs it doesn't pay or count much for you.

Learn to tell another side of the story as an insider or some kind of snooper (undercover) chika.

Tell behind the scene story... a little gossip, grapevine, tit-bits and sexy butts  can drive millions of traffic to your blog daily.

Disclaimer : it is at your own risk really. The paparazzi thread on dangerous grounds. You can get into serious trouble with the law,  mafians or authorities that be. But this insider (undercover) blogging style drives a lot of traffic to a blog than any other style I know of.

3. The Nutty Professor Factor:
People are lazy to search out series of flagmented information on the web.

  I guess Linda acts as a nutty professor by helping them research and compile the information into a "list" or "Best of" or "Top 10"... and let the visitors see all of the information in one article.

It requires a little research on a streamlined topic, carry out short survey or opinion poll, then do a little analysis of the raw data and present them on your blog.

Quote sources of secondary data to authenticate your analysis.. This is a very good way to drive traffic to your blog.

In blogging like in any other social media, the number of traffic thst is following you or subscribe to your blog determines the kind money you will be making daily. Traffic is everything in blogging.

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