A Must Read Blog for Every Nigerian Footballer Planning to Play Abroad - Gett Best Trial Opportunities and Career Education

In case you just stumbled on this blog, thank your star if you are planning to start or improve your football career either playing abroad or at home. Now,  my sincere advice to you, never go through any day without at least a visit or twice to this blog.

I am not just blowing my own trumpet or may be you think this is another gimmick to attract more traffic... However it is, the blog is already attracting up to 100k visitors in a month. Alright, lets keep exaggeration aside, over 100k pageviews per month... It's not a mean feat at all

The point is this, It's really for own benefit...

Through this blog many  footballers have found trial opportunities and went ahead to secure clubs abroad. Some gained Athletic Scholarship in Colleges and Universities in US, Canada and even as far as Australia.

Quickly go to the homepage and scroll through... Click Here to check out opportunities you can find there now!

Check out and compare it with what you can get elsewhere. It is perhaps the only sport marketing and management blog positioned to really meet your need here in Nigeria... and Africa  at large.

 The company behind the publications - GreenHunters Sports International run a 24hrs/ 7 days a week consultation service with the CEO himself... You can call his mobile +234 809 877 2556,

...chat him up on WhatsApp or facebook messenger or video conferencing on Skype... whichever is your preferred communication mode... Email address: gh.sports1@gmail.com

We organize periodic players Assessment and trial camps to help prepare players and let them showcase their talent in front of Scouts and Agents for onward recruitment at home or abroad... this blog plays a vital role in promoting these program events

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It's all about you... and our vision to touch lives, fulfill dreams and create a happier world through football possibilities.

Our mission really is to empower youths in Africa and to engineer a football industry in Nigeria that will be a major contributor to the growth of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP)... and this blog is at the forefront of the crusade.

It goes beyond just helping footballers jump start a career. We provide education from our publications... Our bestselling eBooks: "How to Achieve Your Football Dreams," "Define Your Style," "How to Prepare for A Football Trial Tests Abroad..."

We also peddle some relevant affiliate publications... "Play Abroad," "Racing Against Luck..."

Our Seminars and Conferences are aimed at modeling and re-modeling the industry... And with the size of the market here in Nigeria, over 50 million active football consumers...

We understand how it could be transformed into a multi billion dollar industry and great employer of labour, back end staff, coaching crew, scouts, Agents, managers, administrators and ancillary support firms and officers.

I guess it's a bold step being at the forefront of trying to change what the current status is today.

This blog is a great crusader and mobiliser... Reaching out as well as educating  through it's insightful posts about this great future time for the industry.

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